Difference between Buyer’s vs Seller’s Agent
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January 13, 2021


The buyer and seller agents will have very similar goals to get the clients the best and suitable deals and close the home sale. But their duties through the whole process are much different. No wonder! When you are selling the home, it will feel like several professionals are involved in the selling process. Honestly, each side of the contract will have a demonstration at every step, and it will be tough to keep the parties and the individuals they work for in a flexible environment. To find the difference between buyer’s vs Seller’s Agent, read this article carefully, and you will easily distinguish between the two professionals.

Buyer’s agent vs Seller’s agent

Buyer agent

A buyer agent is a professional working in the real estate business and provides good guidance to the client to purchase the property. They also act as a representative of the buyer in the transaction. Also, they keep an eye on the deals that are best suited to the clients.

Seller agent

A seller’s agent is the real estate agent who usually represents the individual who wants to sell the property.  The Seller agent and listing agent work interchangeably. You can say that it contrasts to the buyer agent, who signifies the individual interested in buying the property.

Usual Responsibilities of Buyer Agent

Some of the most common responsibilities of buyer agents are as follows:

Assist the buyers

The buyer’s agent helps the buyers locate good sources for a mortgage and provide them with good assistance in getting pre-approval for a mortgage.

Making of appointments

They are also responsible for showing the homes that the buyers are interested in purchasing. They make a list of appointments and fixed the appointments with sellers.

Price analysis

The buyer agents provide a good piece of advice to the buyers on the property’s resale and potential or the home. The buyer agents also help the buyers complete the price trends and value of a home before they make or accept an offer.

Communication and monitoring

They assist in communication between the lender, broker, title officer, seller, and buyer so that there will be no revelations at the time of closing. These agents are also responsible for monitoring the loan commitments and ensuring that the buyer does not make a large purchase right before closing because the big purchase may cause a risk to their funding.

Assist in documents

The reading of all the important documents in the real estate business and deals with the buyers and sellers is their responsibility. The documents may include title commitments or agreements etc.

Usual Responsibilities of seller Agent

Some of the most common responsibilities of a seller agent are as follows.

Provide references to the clients

The seller agents are responsible for providing the seller with references for the contractors to complete recommended updates. They also place professional signage at the recommended property.

Marketing purposes

For the properties’ valuable marketing, the seller agents are responsible for hiring a good and suitable photographer. This photographer will take photos of the properties, and the seller agent can use them for marketing purposes. They also develop a website that they used for marketing by uploading photos and videos.

Good in negotiation

The seller agents help clients with the best negotiation. They also attend the home inspection tours and negotiate the inspection issues. They also solve the issues that are related to appraisal and titles.

Closing process assistance

They are responsible for finalizing the free ends before the closing of the deal. They also provide reasonable assistance with the closing process and help the seller ensure they have the correct documents and fully understand what they say.

Home consultations

They can give the seller an initial best home consultation which they need the most sometimes and provide several suggestions to the seller on how to clean, declutter, and makeup to date home. These things make the home more valuable.


As mentioned above, the buyer’s agent vs seller’s agent has several different roles, but their goals are similar. They both always wanted the best and reasonable deal for their client according to the choices. They want their clients to feel good and comfortable about the experience because if the client feels comfortable with both of them, they will refer others to them. Instructing yourself about the different roles and duties can help you to interview potential agents. After that, you can make a good decision on the basis that who can give you the best service. If you are looking for expert adivce, contact Aceland Mortgage.

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