Different types of agents
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December 30, 2020


Buying or selling a property can be stressful sometimes, but it can be less stressful if we hire a real estate agent. These agents are the best in their field because they have enough knowledge about real estate. They help you to secure your property. All the process, from showing a property to the closing of the transaction, they help you in every step. They help a buyer in negotiation and better understand the requirement of the buyer. Many different types of agents are working in the real estate market.

Some of the most common are as follows:

  • Realtor
  • Agent
  • Broker
  • Seller Agent
  • Buyer Agent
  • Dual Agent

Let’s start with the first one, which is a realtor:


Realtor is the most common among the different types of agents. They are licensed and registered agents by the National Association of Realtors and are bound by the code of ethics that they have to follow at any cost. Besides, realtors runs a company called a brokerage company that hires other agents. They bring buyer and seller in the market in one place and deals with all the property terms such as commissions or rents etc.

They have to be very honest and sincere towards their work and ethical to both buyers and sellers because they enter with buyer and seller in the contract and bound by some legal action present in the agency agreement.


Agents are licensed and help in the negotiation on the place of the realtor. When a buyer wants to buy, or the seller wants to sell a property, both need an opinion. The agent is perfect for this job. They can solve any problem between the seller and buyer by negotiation. They can provide photos of the properties, marketing material, arrangements to show the property to the buyer, and all the legal processes related to property selling or buying.

An agent can be financially strong. If an agent has good and enough skills related to real estate, then they can easily make a good amount of money as commission. Sometimes the income can be low due to a slow sale month. Due to all this situation, some of the agents use their commission to manage the finance.


The broker is a licensed real estate agent among the different types of agents. They can easily deal with the marketing and selling of property. The real estate broker does not contact any specific brokerage company for a lifetime in the market. The brokers can choose to work on a contractual basis with different real estate companies present in the market. A broker has all the information about market inquiries to gain property for selling or buying for the client. They also help advertise the property, list property from different places, and show the property. Besides, they are responsible for negotiating, allowing the buyer and client for the best purchase or sale at a reasonable price. They can give the client any possible advice on the different problems that may arise throughout the transaction process.

Seller’s Agent

They deal with the selling of properties and assumes a good amount of commission on a successful sale in which they are involved. A seller agent can list a seller’s property into several listing databases that provide easy contact by different agents in the market place and other possible buyers. They are responsible for proper research and suggest some suitable sale prices for the related property. Also, they can prepare the property for showing and helps in negotiation for the best sale.

They can also advise different buyers who have a keen interest in the seller’s property. The seller agent can also help to make a contract on the best terms between both parties. They act as a guide to all the agency agreement-related documents needed for closing a transaction.

Buyer’s Agent

Among the different types of agents, these agents are buyer-specific agents, or you can say that they only work for the buyer. They are responsible for understanding buyers’ property needs and collecting information about different properties within the specific price range of buyers. These agents can keep an eye on the lists of properties in the market. They recommend the best and reasonable property to the buyer. If a buyer wants to see the property, they arrange the showing and deals with the inspection.

They also help with the advice to the client by providing them the best available finance options. The buyer agent also deals with the documents that are related to the transaction. All the sale or buying agreements, documents related to the title are included in their responsibility.

Dual Agent

The dual agent deals with the buyer and the seller on the same property at the same time. The dual agent has to enter into the contract with both seller and buyer. If a seller agent and the buyer agent are working in the same real estate company, this situation happens. This agent has been bonded by law terms and conditions related to the association to reveal his part related to a transaction. Both parties have full right to withdraw anytime from a deal. While dealing with the settlement with a dual agent, be careful because you may have to deal with conflict related to the property’s interest rates. Dual agents may sometimes have responsibility for the confidential information from both seller and buyer.


Take your time while hiring a real estate agent. Collect accurate information about them from the market. Ask them questions and then decide which one suits you the best by keeping an eye on your needs and requirements.

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