Manufactured Home Mortgage
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January 22, 2021


For any homeowner or investor, financing is one of the difficult tasks, and that’s very much obvious when it comes to mobile homes like condos and some manufactured homes. There are particular types of mortgages to finance the manufactured home mortgage and mobile homes. Such types of mortgages are not as popular as regular mortgage loans. Still, they are available from many different sources and mortgage that have government support programs that will make it easy for them to apply for such loans and keep the rates down. If any one of you wants to know about these loans, do check this article to understand better.

So let’s start with the basic definition of a manufactured home mortgage.

Manufactured Home Mortgage

Manufactured housing is the largest source of “unsubsidized affordable homeownership.” The Manufactured home mortgage is the loan that mainly uses the set credit standards of home loan markets and finances the manufactured homes. For this type of loan, the property should be legally” real property.” They have sometimes strict but as well as flexible rules and regulations.

The criteria of Manufactured Home Mortgage for borrowers

Above all, if a borrower wants this type of home mortgage, they have to qualify according to the fixed criteria. Some of the common points of this criteria are as follows.

  • For first-time homebuyers

This type of home mortgage program is not only restricted to first-time homebuyers.

  • For ownership and occupancy of other properties

If a borrower wants a home mortgage, then the property he or she is taking this mortgage will be a primary residence or preferred as a second home. Still, it will not be an investment property.

  • For assisting the persons with disabilities

Renovating or installing some new technology in a home to use an individual with a disability is not appropriate for a manufactured home mortgage program. Still, you can purchase a suitable home for them.

  • The requirements of the “Real property.”

In many states of the world, “real property” also includes the manufactured houses legally. In those states, the mortgage borrower recommends discovering the “subject property” (new either old property). You need to fix the manufactured home to a permanent foundation in such a brilliant way that it becomes a part of the “real property.”

  • The type of property

If a borrower applies for a manufactured home mortgage, the following property will only be single-unit property. You construct the manufactured homes and permanently fix them to a foundation that has many other utilities. Each state has its own rules according to which you set the dimensions for a manufactured home.

  • Credit score limits

This type of loan does not require any hard and super fast credit score limitations. There is no such specification of this loan. But in some cases, the incorporation of the additional security risk is present in the assessment of the loan.

The essential criteria of Manufactured Home Mortgage

Some of the common points of this criteria are as follows.

  • The Mortgage limits

The loan limits are published and confirmed annually in almost every state according to their values and limits. These include some of the most demanding and high-cost areas in the consideration.

  • Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs)

The limits for the adjustable-rate mortgage are allowed for this type of mortgage are approximately 7/1 or maybe 10/1.

  • Down payment for the loan

For a manufactured home mortgage, the borrower has to pay a minimum amount of 5 percent of the down payment.

  • Counseling for homeownership

You do not require homeownership counseling except only if the basic mortgage product requires it.

  • Loan insurance

Several seller guides are available according to each state. So if you are interested in a manufactured home, then this type of mortgage has some special mortgage insurance coverage requirements present in these guides.

  • Underwriting for loan

You always submit the mortgages mentioned above to Loan Product Advisor.

  • Delivery charges on a loan

The mortgages are secure for these homes. They have charges of approximately one percent, including the standard fees.

  • Temporary interest rate

The temporary interest rate on the buy-down relates to these home manufactured mortgages is not allowed.

  • Refinance of mortgage

In brief, this type of mortgage, all the Cash-out and many no cash-out refinances are very much allowed.

 Advantages of Manufactured Home mortgage

The common advantages of these secured mortgages for manufactured homes are as follows.

  • Income

Particularly, the Manufactured Home Mortgage program will allow numerous community banks to expand their customer base in low- and moderate-income people.

  • Lenders opportunity

Next, the lenders provide with the opportunity to expand and popularize into new market sectors.

  • Quality, energy, and safety

Accordingly, with time all these homes are very much improved in quality, energy efficiency, and safety terms.

  • Affordable loan

Likewise, these loan types are very much affordable than site-built homes if borrowers have allowed full access to loan credit.

  • Long term mortgage

Furthermore, lenders can take long-term real estate loans that are protected by manufactured homes with minimal risk.

Disadvantages of Manufactured Home mortgage

  • Land on lease

In the first place, a borrower should not be allowed to purchase mortgages secured by manufactured homes on land that is on lease. This is a popular example of land tenure for such homes.

  • Personal property

By the way, according to different states and their laws, these homes will always be considered as any individual’s personal property.

  • Installation of home

Lastly, these are not previously installed or constructed on any other site.


To summarize, for consumers who are looking for economical residences and homeowners who want land that provides a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable quality of life, these homes are ideal choices. Hence, many lenders offer manufactured home mortgages and mobile home mortgages with affordable interest rates. Generally, these include a team of professional mortgage experts to assist customers with any aspect of the loan from approval to closure, whether you are trying to fund a single large or double-wide manufacture or mobile home. If you are looking for expert advice and guidance, contact Aceland Mortgage today.

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