What is a Subagent?
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December 18, 2020


Many of us are not familiar with the terms related to subagency and agents in the real estate world. They also play a significant role in buying any property. The subagency consists of many agents, but many are unfamiliar with what is a subagent.

What is Subagency?

Before talking about subagents, we have to become familiar with the term subagency. This industry was not very much prominent before the 19s. The concept of subagency was established probably around the 1990s. Subagency is basically based on the relationship of brokerage. This agency provides services to the buyers that can make them prominent in the real transaction.

What is a Subagent?

Simply put, a subagent is a person that attracts the buyer from the market to buy a particular property. Compared to others in the field, they are infrequent in today’s times. The reason for their rare presence is the availability of buyer agents. They can get their salary for the portion of the commission on the property. However, subagents are not the persons that list the properties and rates.

Role of the subagent

A subagent deals with some fundamental roles. If you are a subagent, then you are responsible for all the management of the following things that are:

  • Small construction sites
  • Large Properties.

As a sub-agent, this is your responsibility to provide significant assistance to the site agent or project manager on large valuable schemes. Timely delivery of products is also your responsibility as a sub-agent. Customer objectives and satisfaction must be the priority of the subagent.

Primary responsibilities of a subagent

Site management

They are responsible for the commercial performance of all the contracts. Timely delivery of products according to customer satisfaction and reliability is the responsibility of the subagent. They act as the representatives of the whole business towards clients, buyers, officials, or the general public.

Additionally, they are responsible for seeing all the drawings and their correct implementation without any mistake. For this, they need to have a proper qualification. They have to be experienced in their field because they are responsible for telling the contractors and workers about all the things related to engineering and this field.

Above all, they need to conduct meetings weekly according to company procedure to gather all the reports. Coupled with all this, they are responsible for the supervision of projects and delivering the end product. They provide full support to the clients and workers.

Cost control and management

Cost management is an essential task performed by them. They can easily challenge the status quo. As a result, they are responsible for maximizing the cost of all major projects. If you are a subagent, then it’s your responsibility to check the records and the site’s details. Management of cost recommended for the project is also present in the list of their duties.

Management of resources

If the company provides resources for the project, then keeping an accurate and proper record of all of them is the subagent’s major responsibility. They also deal with the problem related to managing and spending resources.

Health, Quality, Safety and Environment control

In the first place, they can deal with all the rules and regulations set by the companies. They are responsible for creating a positive and healthy working environment between the worker and the contractor or subcontractors. For instance, carrying inspection on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis are their responsibilities.

Dealing with all the audit reports are compulsory for them. They can create an alliance between third parties and the government departments. Keeping an eye on HSEQ-related documentation and keeping these documents up to date is also their responsibility. Next, maintenance and management of all the construction sites is their prime responsibility, and they are responsible for all the legal procedures related to sites.

Specification to become a subagent

If you want to become a subagent, then you have the following specifications.

  • Diploma or experience in space training.
  • Knowledge of forecasting, designs, value, or cost reporting.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good management skills.
  • Trained in risk management is a plus.
  • Good and professional behavior toward everyone.
  • Have leadership qualities.
  • Experience working as a worker coordinator.
  • Have a CSCS card and an SMSTS card.
  • Degree of civil engineering or equivalent degree from a recognized institute
  • Should be honest and able to speak up about what is right and what is wrong.
  • Ability to challenge the designs and can able to resolve them.
  • Good reporting qualities.
  • Ability to manage the cost and resources.


No wonder this profession is very rare. However, when you think of buying a house, it is wise to know the market, realtors, mortgage brokers, agencies, and subagents. If you are familiar with how all these people work, you will find it easier to get the one you need. As a result, when you know nothing, any amateur can fool you to get hold of a few bucks.

If you have any difficulty buying or selling a property, you can contact us, and we are here to provide you with experienced members who can get you the best deals.

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