Doorman Building – Is it beneficial or not?
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May 1, 2021


Doorman buildings have gained popularity in the United States. This is because of their luxury rentals and mixed-use. A doorman welcomes you when you approach these buildings. I know that the word “doorman” is often misleading, but they don’t just keep or unlock doors; they also perform additional duties such as signing for parcels and checking in guests. If you’re thinking of moving to a doorman building but aren’t sure if this extra convenience is right for you, consider the pros and cons. Read this article to know the advantages and disadvantages of living in a doorman building that can help you make the right decision.

Let’s start the article with the advantages of living in a doorman building.

Advantages of living in a Doorman Building

Some of the common advantages of living in a doorman building are as follows.

  • Easy home deliveries
  • Extra keys
  • Security
  • Someone to chat

Easy Home deliveries

It’s natural to show anxiousness and worry that a parcel sent to you will be lost in the time of shipping. Sometimes a stranger swipes the package from the door, and perhaps someone else on the apartment building’s floor collects it by mistake. In several doorman buildings, the doorman can save the package for you until you’re able to come towards the front desk to pick it up.

Extra keys

Most of the time, when you appoint gardeners, pet walkers, cleaners, or any other individuals who need access to the apartment when you are out, you most often give them keys.  If you’re concerned about the risk of someone else getting keys to your apartment, then doorkeepers will be able to relieve your fears. They’ll keep the extra keys and hand them over to whoever wants access to the apartment with your approval. After leaving, this individual will return the keys to the doorman.


Doormen are responsible for making sure that anyone who enters the apartment building signs in before entering the building. Due to the doorman’s protection, many people who live in doorman buildings feel pleased, comfortable, and safe in their apartments.

Someone to chat

A door attendant can be your first stop and friend if you want to talk or need to ask someone to help with a maintenance problem. You may sometimes enjoy catching up with your doorman about family news, TV reviews, dramas, and other topics on your way home from work. If you face any problems with something in the apartment, the doorman points you in the right direction for help and support. The doorman can also help you if you forget the keys in the apartment.

Disadvantages of living in a Doorman Building

Some of the few disadvantages of living in a doorman building are mentioned below.

  • Rate
  • Less privacy
  • Somebody to talk
  • Misconceptions about security and easy deliveries


Usually, rents will be much greater in apartment buildings that have a doorman. Just take an example of  New Jersey. In this state, the apartments with a doorman increase the rate by approximately 10% to 15%. Even if the rate of an apartment building with a doorman was the same as one without, the doorman building can become more costly during the holidays when tipping a doorman is highly promoted.

Less privacy

The doorman buildings offer less privacy for people. You can bring anybody to or from the apartment with no one around if you live alone without a doorman. If you have a doorman, then someone is always keeping an eye on the movement of people into and out of your apartment. You also never know if other tenants are remarkably polite and chatty with the doorman or not, and you never learn if they hear things from your personal life or not.

Somebody to talk

Yes, finding somebody to chat with can be beneficial, but if you’re not a very friendly person, it can also be detrimental. So if you think that you are a people person, then you may not want to speak to someone or at the very least say a friendly hello at the time you enter or exit the house.

Misconceptions about safety and easy deliveries

A building with a doorman can make you feel better, but it can also make you feel too safe. And if non-tenants or non-visitors are restricted from entering the house, if you leave your door open, your neighbors will not be able to enter the house. If you are serious and worry about safety, the idea of a doorman getting extra keys to the apartment does not relate to you. Furthermore, several doorman buildings have separate package rooms where shipping and postal service staff can leave the parcels without including the doorman. Instead of being involved in the process, doormen provide the illusion of a safe parcel distribution in such situations.


So after knowing the advantages and disadvantages of living in a doorman building, would you like to prefer a doorman building or not? This is solely your choice. However, these are the things you need to consider while getting an apartment of your choice. So make the right move when you are choosing a property. If you are confused about the budget, try mortgaging one. Don’t know any expert for this? Contact Acelande Mortgage. Your best choice!


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