5 Tips for Selling Your House This Spring
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March 20, 2014


Spring represents newness and life, a fresh clean start, and this imagine extends to real estate too. The springtime sees many new home listings entering the market. With so many new listings arising every week it is integral to set your home apart. Follow these 5 tips to assure your home will sell quickly in the springtime.

1- Curb Appeal

Springtime is a time of a fresh beginning and new life and this is exactly what you want your house to portray. The winter takes a beating on your home. Rejuvenate your landscaping with fresh mulch, a bright and manicured lawn and colorful and lively flowers. Don’t just focus your efforts on landscaping, be sure to also clean the exterior of your home including windows, doors and even the driveway. The winter bring a lot of sludge with salt and sand on the roads, and you don’t want your home to reflect that in any way.

2- Spring Cleaning 

The winter months often result in excess. After spending so much time indoors it is inevitable that things begin to accumulate. It is imperative to streamline your home and remove any inclination of clutter. Homebuyers want to see an open and inviting space, having your clutter all throughout the house creates unsettling feelings in buyers and will make your home seem smaller. It may be a great investment to rent a storage space for a few months. Remove your belongings down to the minimum of what you need to allow your home to seem much more spacious.

Additionally, open up some windows and get that fresh spring air in your home. Steam clean your carpets to remove any dander or dust that has accumulated over the winter months. You want  buyers to imagine themselves living there rather than trying to distinguish how long its been since your carpets were cleaned.

3- Do necessary repairs 

Have a faucet that continually drips? Is your toilet not flushing as well as it should? It is advisable that you fix any of these issues before listing your home. Homebuyers will be going through your home and noticing issues like these that are wrong with your home. You don’t want a few minor repairs to risk a homebuyer not putting an offer in on your home because it seems like too much maintenance.

4- Find a great realtor.

Spring is the busiest real estate season, so be diligent to find the best realtor for your needs in the area. Be proactive in getting word of mouth referrals and research the types of homes they predominantly sell. Look into what type of marketing they do and what they’ve had success with in the past. A good realtor can help you to price your home competitively, stage it for showings and sell your home quickly.

5- Go to other open houses to see what you are up against. 

Nothing inspires people more than a little friendly competition. While listing your home it is encouraged that your go to some open houses in your area in the same price range in your home to see what you are up against. While walking through homes take into account what stood out to you both positively and negatively. Make feasible changes in your home to evoke those same positive feelings in the buyers who come to look at your house.

Each of these tips may seem minor on their own but they result in a home that sets itself apart from the competition. Follow these tips to selling your house in the springtime and you will be on your way to a fresh beginning in no time!

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