How to Handle an Address Change
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September 5, 2014


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Sometimes moving can seem like a blessing and a curse. After the long journey of getting a mortgage pre-approval, going under contract on a house, closing on your home purchase and physically moving into your new home, there is still work to do. Sure you need to finish unpacking boxes and hang up picture frames in the house, but let’s not forget that you need to deal with everything else that comes along with an address change.

1- Notify the Post Office

The absolute first thing you should do when dealing with an address change is to notify the post office. You can utilize the USPS Forwarding Mail service. This service will direct any mail (other than junk mails and flyers) to your new address. You will receive your mail at your new location with a sticker on it requesting that you inform the sender of your new address. This option is great because it protects your sensitive information from ending up in the wrong hands, and reminds you on any accounts you have forgotten to notify of the new address.  Be sure to do this for every adult individual living in the house.

2- Announce Your Address Change to Friends and Family

address change cards

Send out an official notice to your friends and family of your new address. The simplest way to do this would be to mail out a card announcing that you’ve moved with the address change on it. This will save you lots of time from reciting your address  to countless friends and family members. It’s also a cute way to announce your big move!

3- Change Address on all of Your Accounts & Memberships

This is the exhausting part of an address change. It is time to notify and correct your address on all of your different accounts, memberships and services you have. If you have online access to these account it should be fairly easy to sign online and fill it out.

Here’s a list below of all of the different places you’ll want to remember while making your change.

address change checklist
Keep in mind these three factors of an address change after you’ve bought your house. You’ll be glad that you’ve got a checklist to help you remember all of the different place you’ll need to change your address with. After completing that list put your feet up and enjoy your new home!

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