Advantages of living in First-Floor Apartment
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April 12, 2021


Your checklist is probably very long when you are looking for an apartment and comparing the apartment’s price, lifestyle, room, spacing, and so much more. Many residents choose to rent apartments on the top floors with the best views. But, have you look the advantages of a first-floor apartment? There are several advantages of living in a first-floor apartment, including fewer stairs, high accessibility, and low service costs, and many more.

Are you guys ready to unleash the advantages of living in a first-floor apartment? If “yes,” then let’s start the article.

List of advantages of living in a first-floor apartment

Some of the common advantages of a first-floor apartment are mentioned below:

Advantage # 1- Movement

Moving in is much easier in the first-floor apartment if you avoid using the stairs or elevators. Even for professionals, that finds lugging heavy furniture up on the stairs a big challenge. Elevators do not support transporting items to higher levels, but they make up for that by being crowded. You cannot have to face either challenge on the first floor. There may even be a secondary entry on the first floor, such as a patio with sliding doors, which is ideal if you have a lot of furniture.

Advantage # 2- Weather Condition

Summer months can be harsh if you live in South America. Your electric bill keeps increasing when you try to maintain a pleasant temperature. Living on the first floor will be much less of a problem because heat increases.

Advantage # 3-  Cost

Higher-floor apartments are nice, but first-floor apartments can save you a good amount of money if you are on a tight budget. Because heat increases, a first-floor apartment will remain colder than top-level floors, which means you’ll spend less on energy bills if you’re paying by the hour.

Advantage # 4- Pets

A first-floor apartment can make life simpler and easy if your apartment complex allows pets. Pets like to spend time indoors, which can be difficult when you live on top floors.

Advantage # 5- Access To Gardens, Parks, Amenities, And Letterboxes

If you live on the ground floor, you can easily access the city courtyards, gardens, parks, and post boxes. You can practically have your backyard in a garden-style apartment complex without bothering about maintenance.

  • There will be no need to take any precautions or wait for an elevator.
  • You can check your letterbox daily to ensure that you do not miss any important messages.
  • You can spend much more time outside without having to travel far from home.
  • You can be able to use amenities such as pools and gyms more quickly.

Advantage # 6- Neighbors

If you are on the top floors, you almost have downstairs neighbors who can easily hear anything. And in any case, if your apartment’s floors or walls are too thin, then you are going to get some noise complaints. That is guaranteed. On the first floor, you do not need to be cautious or worry about different noise coming from:

  • Shoes which you are using while walking.
  • Children who are roaming and running here and there.
  • Moving and rearranging furniture
  • Movement of Pets

Since hardwood floors can amplify noise problems, it may be preferable to live on the first floor to prevent disputes.

Advantage # 7- Convenient

It is easier to leave or return to your apartment if you are on the first floor. Wait, I tell you why:

  • Apartments on the first floor are usually closest to parking lots, so that means you can easily get into your vehicle.
  • You do not have to use shared entries if you have a backdoor exit.
  • If you are in a hurry, that means you do not have to waste your time having small conversations with your neighbors.
  • You will drive in and out quicker, which is beneficial if you are running late for work or in a rush.
  • It is more convenient to drive or rush to the store without wasting time.


Living in a first-floor apartment comes up with many benefits. You have to climb lesser stairs, can easily get in and out of the unit, no neighbors below you, potentially lower prices, better access to courtyards, parks, mailboxes, and amenity areas, and easier for pets. If you are looking for an apartment now, then try to consider staying on the first floor. If you are looking for a mortgage for your dream apartment, contact Aceland Mortgage for expert opinion and guidance.

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