Best BBQ restaurants in New Jersey
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April 26, 2021


New Jersey is well-known for its barbecue. So this state presents Southern-inspired barbecue from both famous food vans to trendy sit-down restaurants. Delicate and well-tender beef brisket, tasty, juicy pulled pork, yummy slow-smoked ribs, and all the traditional and classic sides are all available at the top restaurants to complete the full meal. There are a few of the best BBQ restaurants in New Jersey.

I have also added some Korean and Portuguese barbecues for more flavorful choices if you want to go outside America’s South!

Are you ready for the delicious, yummylicious, and mouth-watering ride? Let’s go!

List of Top Mouth-watering BBQ restaurants in New Jersey

The BBQ joints in New Jersey are the most magnificent ones for their taste and quality. Some of the best BBQ restaurants are as follows.

Restaurant # 1- Cubby’s BBQ, Hackensack

Most of you notice the Newspaper clippings all around this Hackensack hotspot. Numerous people talk about how important the role of this restaurant was in US-North Korean diplomatic efforts—a favorite of many Locals and foreign ambassadors. The Cubby counter serves the most delicious BBQ joints with abundant ribs, burgers, tender chicken, and steak sandwiches. Cubby is a great place to take your friends and family.

Restaurant # 2- Red White & Que Smokehouse, Multiple locations

Red White & Que pays homage to America’s Southern-style barbecue. A retired U.S. Marine made this BBQ restaurant. The recipes like brisket pulled pork and the weight serve ribs in the restaurant. Both of their homemade sides are delicious, but their jalapeno cheese cornbread, crispy and fried pickles, and coleslaw are especially remarkable and finger-licking. The Buffalo wings are also available by weight, and one can also order the popular banana pudding to round out the whole dinner.

Restaurant # 3- Henri’s “Hotts” Barbeque, Folsom, NJ

Henri’s “Hotts” Barbeque is available for both caters and as an eat-in restaurant. This BBQ restaurant can satisfy your barbecue cravings with grilled Texas-style meats and many homemade side dishes. The delicious chicken platters, baby back ribs, and brisket, as well as some seafood items, are also available on the restaurant’s food menu. Mouth-watering chicken wings, burgers, and sides like mac & cheese, collard greens, potato salad, and whipped yams are also very much convenient to eat. But please keep in mind that Henri’s is shut during the winter season.

Restaurant # 4- Fink’s BBQ Smokehouse, Dumont, NJ

Fink’s has a wide food menu that includes appetizers, slow-cooked, well-smoked pork, vegetables, and yummy hearty sides. Choose from spare ribs or sides, or the pit sampler, which contains spareribs, well-minced beef, and good quality pulled pork, for a taste of everything. They are also very popular for their tasty and delicious side dishes, such as sweet corn soufflé. The Fink’s weekly specials include discounts on wings and baby back ribs, which are also worth remembering.

Restaurant # 5- Big Harlie’s BBQ, Sayreville, NJ

This BBQ restaurant is well known for its refreshing ingredients. Big Harlie’s slow-smoked chicken, pork, and tender beef with the freshest ingredients make the succulent meals overflowing with flavors. The Big Harlie’s Sampler Platter, which includes rib tops, burnt ends, and spicy or standard wings, is a must-order since it combines the best of the food menu on one very large tray. Dirty rice with bacon, baked beans, candied yams, and other delicious-looking sides are necessary to complement the dinner.

Restaurant # 6- Christine’s House of Kingfish, Shamong

The sign outside Christine’s House of Kingfish states, “When Kingfish Cooks, Everybody Eats.” The Kingfish was a famous pitmaster who for many years ran an open-air BBQ stand on Route 40. Christine is the name of his wife. So the restaurant’s full name is Christine’s House of Kingfish. Here’s a fine, truthful BBQ. Usually, the pulled pork and pulled chicken sandwiches are served in large pitas. This joint serves 13 thick, meaty ribs with a solid, smoky taste that make up the half rack of ribs, which may be the largest you may ever see. They’re only available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays all year.

Restaurant # 7- Hambone Opera, Lawrenceville

Hambone Opera is hidden among produce stands, butchers, and bakers at a farmers market, which may be the last place you will look for killer ‘cue. The pulled pork and the brisket oozed fatty goodness at Hambone Opera are one of the best I have ever had on my BBQ adventures. The salty, vinegary BBQ sauce which they serve is also very delicious.

Restaurant # 8- More Than Q Co., Lambertville

More Oftenly, Q offers smoky, tender meats like brisket, bacon, ribs, and burnt ends, as well as classic Southern sides. The whole food menu focuses on Texas-style barbecue, so expect to see brisket, pulled pork, pulled chicken, and other meats sold by the weight as sliders and sandwiches. The ideal meal of this BBQ restaurant for me includes savory side dishes like cheddar cheese grits, collard greens, and kale plus Brussels salad.

Restaurant # 9- Dasiwa, Mt. Laurel

Daiwa’s barbecue experience can take you to Asia. Dasiwa serves 5 different Korean barbecue options in addition to its extensive sushi and noodle menu. The prime beef rib eye bulgogi and seasoned prime beef ribs are also present on the menu. This restaurant is a perfect barbecue option for sampling various flavors and pleasing a vegetarian-friendly crowd because they have a variety of vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes.

Restaurant # 10- Sugarpuddin’s, Lindenwold

With an amazing and ample food menu of barbecued meats, burgers, and combo platters, Sugarpuddin’s introduces Missouri-style barbecue to New Jersey. The Charleston Exclusive, which includes a slab of juicy ribs and chicken, is a must-try. Alternatively, fried catfish with corn on the cob can send you to the South. However, make space for some dessert. Sugarpuddin’s is popular for serving daily-changing Southern-style desserts.


I hope you get some good options for BBQ restaurants. So if you are a barbecue lover and want to explore the BBQ life of New Jersey, then you must try these options mentioned above. And believe me, you will never regret it. They all provide you with a mouth-watering and finger-licking experience. If you are living around these locations, you are one of the luckiest people on Earth. However, if you are living farther, think of shifting to this side. It is house to many fun and entertaining locations. If you are looking for a mortgage for your restaurant in this area or looking for your home mortgage in NJ, contact Aceland Mortgage for expert opinion and guidance.

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