Best Places to Live in New Jersey
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May 3, 2021


New Jersey is a beautiful state. This state is a great place to stay, work, and play in the United States. New Jersey has everything, from leafy parks and historical places to artsy downtowns with restaurants and cafes. In every direction, there are urban centers. So you can say that this state is a lively blend of countryside and city life, charm, and community. Mountains, beaches, lakes, and cityscapes flourish in the area, making it ideal for date nights or daytime adventures. So if you want to relocate to New Jersey and want to know about the best places to live there, don’t worry. I have a solution. Read this article carefully as we share the best places to live in New Jersey.

Best Places in New Jersey

When it comes to finding the best place to live in New Jersey, there are many factors to consider. These key factors include the quality of local schools, crime rates, housing trends, employment statistics, and access to amenities to measure the whole quality of an area. The best places to live in New Jersey in 2021 are listed below:

1-Princeton Junction

Princeton Junction scores first place among the best places to live in the New Jersey list of 2021.

Population: Princeton Junction town of New Jersey has 2,336 people.

Location: Princeton Junction is located in Mercer County and is considered one of New Jersey’s finest places to live.

General Factors: People of Princeton Junction enjoy a dense residential feel, with most residents owning their houses. The median home value and rent rates are $548,400 and $1,048. Also, there are several parks present in this area. Similarly, the local schools here are the top-rated schools. Princeton Junction is home to several families, and its residents have a liberal political viewpoint.


This town scores second place at the best places to live in the New Jersey list of the year 2021.

Population: Princeton is a New Jersey town with 31,000 people.

Location: It is located in Mercer County and is one of New Jersey’s premium places to live.

General factors:  Princeton provides residents with a solid residential feel, where a vast number of residents own their houses i-e: approximately 60% and 40% are living on rent. There are several bars, coffee shops, and parks in Princeton. Princeton serves as a home to a majority number young adults. The number of inhabitants appears to be centrist in their political views.


It is one of the safest places to live in the state of New Jersey.

Population: Ridgewood is a New York City suburb that contains a population of 25,179 people.

Location: Ridgewood is in Bergen County.

General factors: Ridgewood residents get a spacious suburban feel. 78% of residents own their houses, and just 22% are on rent. There are several pubs, coffee shops, and parks in Ridgewood. Ridgewood is home to many households, and inhabitants appear to be religious and conservative.

4-Mountain Lakes

This place is at the number 1 position in best places if anyone wants to Raise a Family in New Jersey.

Population: It is a New York City suburb with 4,270 people.

Location: The location of  Mountain Lakes is in Morris County and is known to be among the best places to live in New Jersey.

General Factors: Mountain Lakes citizens enjoy a rural, relaxed lifestyle. Approximately 5% of people live on rent in this suburb, and 95% are owing their homes. Mountain Lakes residents appear to be traditional. The public schools of this suburb are well appreciated and highly rated.

5-Upper Montclair

Upper Montclair is the Best Suburb to Live in New Jersey.

Population: This suburb has a population of around 11,589.

Location: It is present in Essex County and is considered one of New Jersey’s finest places to live and enjoy.

General factors: The residents get a dense residential feel, bars, coffee shops, and parks. Upper Montclair residents are known for their centrist political views.

6-Princeton Meadows

It is considered one of New Jersey’s highest quality places to live.

Population: Princeton Meadows has a population of 13,717 and is at the prime location in New Jersey state.

Location: Princeton Meadows is in Middlesex County.

Home value: The Median Home Value in this place is around $392,800, and the Median Rent is about $1,653.

General Factors: People of Princeton Meadows embrace a combination of urban and suburban lifestyles, with most people renting their homes. Princeton Meadows is host to several families, young professionals, and liberal locals.


This suburb is good for families in terms of safety and quality lifestyle.

Population: The population of this high-quality suburb is around 4,094.

Location: Ho-Ho-Kus is in Bergen County.

General factors: Ho-Ho-Kus provides residents a rural atmosphere, and a large number of them which is approximately 92% residents, own their homes. Several retirees live in this place. Most of the residents of this place incline towards conservatism. The public schools present in Ho-Ho-Kus are the top and best-rated schools.

8-New Providence

This place is good in terms of safety. The crime rate is very low in this suburb. So one can consider this place as the best place to live in New Jersey.

Population: New Providence is a suburb with a population of approximately 13,049.

Location: New Providence is present in Union County.

General Factors: The people that live in this place have a high suburban feel. 76% of people own homes, and 24 percent are on rent. In New Providence, you can easily find several restaurants, bars, coffee shops, bbq points, and parks. The families that live in this place have modest political views. The schools are highly rated and well managed.


The list of these best places to live in New Jersey is very long. But these places mentioned above are the most comfortable and topmost famous living places in New Jersey State. So if you are new in this state and want the best place, consider the upper mentioned options. A place where we live throws a big impact on our daily life. They have a long-lasting effect on our personality. So before making the decision take time and have patience. If you have chosen your favorite spot and looking for good Mortgage options to get an apartment there, contact Aceland Mortgage for expert opinion and guidance.

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