Building a Soundproof Room in your Apartment
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April 29, 2021


Neighbors are an unavoidable part of life when you live in a small place. When it comes to having conflicts with the neighbors, proximity is an important reason, and it’s unavoidable when you are living in an apartment complex. Noise is one of the topmost factors of neighborly conflict. Loud and noisy neighbors can make the process of living at home intolerable. It’s impossible to avoid any noise, particularly if you live in an apartment. If you are concerned about the peace of your neighbors as well as enjoy your time too, the way you want,  we are sharing some tips for building a soundproof room in your apartment to have a win-win situation.

Important Questions about Noise and Neighbors

So the first question that arises before starting the article is whether your neighbor hears your noise or not, or will your noise from the apartment travel to upstairs neighbors? The answers to these questions are very important before building a soundproof room.

Question # 1- Can your neighbors get disturbed by the noise coming from your apartment?

Talking to your neighbor is the first step in determining whether they can hear you in your bedroom. Most of them may be unaffected by the noise. And some may only be upset if it wakes them up late at night, and others may not even be aware of it. If you’ve ever had noise complaints from your neighbors, then you know you have got into a problem, so if you haven’t, it’s a smart idea to ask your neighbors if they’re disturbed by any noise coming from the apartment as a precaution. If the noise is not bothering them, then you do not need to get worried. But if they hear it and the noise is bothering them, try to develop ways to make the home more soundproof.

Question # 2- Will your noise from the apartment travel to upstairs neighbors?

It depends on how your apartment building is built. Even if the downstairs neighbors are more likely to hear voices, and neighbors in nearby and upstairs buildings are more likely to hear noise from heavy music, footsteps, and television. As a result, it’s not unusual to hear it even from the first floor. The risk of noise escaping from one unit to another is significantly reduced in a well-constructed apartment building with good sound protection. Generally, apartment noises, like music and footsteps, can not filter from a well-constructed apartment building. If you are looking for a mortgage for an apartment of your choice which has no noise in the surroundings and is peaceful, contact Aceland Mortgage for expert opinion and guidance.

Tips for Building a new soundproof room 

Although you will not prevent your neighbors from hearing you in the unit fully, you may take several steps to reduce the noise and avoid becoming a nuisance.

Building a new soundproof room is the most efficient way to prevent your neighbors from experiencing every small sound from the apartment. So to make this here is how to soundproof a new room.


When you plan on building a soundproof room, it’s always a great idea to start with the walls.

Tip # 1- Noise-reducing drywall

Using a resistant channel to reduce the noise transfer between rooms. This is a common strategy. This is just a small metal channel fixed to the wall’s structure, isolating the drywall and absorbing sound waves by blocking them. Noise-reducing drywall, which is made up of 2 thick gypsum cores divided by a sheet of viscoelastic polymer, is necessary for modern construction. As a result, drywall is an excellent option for reducing both internal and external noise.

Tip # 2- Interior walls Insulation

To make a room soundproof, you must avoid vibrations and install good insulation that helps to prevent noise from entering and exiting. Fill the cracks present between the walls and the spaces by the studs with fiberglass or some other efficient form of insulation to insulate an interior wall. In this way, noise absorbs, and its transmission will get blocked in both internal and external walls.


It is very much possible that your neighbor can hear you through the floors. Read some tips to tackle the floor noise issue.

Tip # 1- Floating Floor

Unlike traditional flooring, which is nailed into the subfloor, floating floors are built with a special adhesive. Floating walls can significantly lower the creaks and stop sound from going downstairs to the neighbor’s unit because they are not attached to the floor joist with nails. The most common method for creating a floating floor is to use a vibration-absorbing material placed between two sections of flooring.

Tip # 2- Joist tape

If your neighbor gets disturbed by squeaky floors, consider utilizing joist tape. It minimizes noise transmission through the floor.

Tips for Soundproofing an existing room

Here are several ways to consider if you want to keep noise inside an existing room.

Tip # 1- Rugs or Carpets

Try to add carpet or rags to the floors because they can help to minimize sound bouncing. Besides that, trendy rugs are an excellent way to combine the space’s decoration. Whether you have children or a pet, these rugs will decrease the intensity of noise going downstairs. To get a good soundproofing effect, choose a high-pile rug and carpet styles.

Tip # 2- Soundproofing curtains

Probably you have seen the blackout curtains for blocking light. Similarly, specific drapes can also reduce noise. These curtains can hold noise in and also block it out. In this way, you are getting a 2 in 1 deal if you buy them. Such curtains are most commonly used for soundproof windows and doors.

Tip # 3- Door seals

You can easily keep the external noise out of your apartment by door seals. Door seals are considered one of the best soundproofing items. The rubber part of a door seal fills the area under the door. It prevents noise from entering and exiting the room all through the air gap.


Life in apartments has its advantages as well as disadvantages. One of the most disturbing is the noise. If you are a neighbor who creates noise, you can try to minimize it as much as possible. When you have a lot of friends and family coming in, then think of building a soundproof room for the sanity of your neighbors.

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