Busting Myths of Homeownership
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February 26, 2021


Everybody has a dream of owning a home. One cannot explain it properly because it is a mixture of emotions and struggles with all the pleasure. But you can imagine how much people take the stress and are afraid to own a home. This is all due to the information that they have about the home buying process. Most of this information is all rubbish and incorrect if it comes from a non-reliable source. Read this article first and bust the common myths of homeownership that most people widely believe.

Are you guys ready to learn about the common myths of homeownership?

Common myths about homeownership

Let me tell you some of the most common and top myths of homeownership. Just take out some time from your busy schedule and bust these myths with us. So you do not have to suffer further by following these myths in the future.

Myth 1-Timing

Several factors are involved in making a very good time decision for buying a home. If the mortgage rates are historically low, but the prices of homes touch the peaks, it isn’t good to buy a home. Always consider some reasons if you want to be carefree about the time. Right timing is always the key.

Myth 2- Improvements increase home value

As we all know, we can increase the market value by improving the home. But sometimes, in some cases, it also does not add value to the home. Let’s take a simple example, when the roof leaks, a good substitution can repair it as minimal as possible, as most customers expect. Same in another way, you can also find buyers that consider this as imperfection rather than a point of selling. Mostly this type of smart investment varies in the area where you are living. Although making some good changes is generally a safe bet for all of us.

Myth 3-Remodeling of the home

The remodeling of a home is not a small task. This requires a huge investment. But the development of TV DIY projects is one of the most current myths. This so-called “reality television” has a significant influence on all generations. They gave the concept to the whole generation that most of the renovations will take place in 48 hours. Just you need some good space and a major budget. This is not generally how things work. Ahh! Sad Life. Behind every reality DIY project, there is a whole big team working on every project for a long time on the camera and off the camera. They complete a project in parts, not in one go. Reality television programs are entertaining, but they do not differentiate reality from reality television myths.

Myth 4- Perfect credit

Lenders indeed consider your credit when the time of mortgage approval comes. You do not need perfect credit. You just only have to show that you are responsible enough to pay all the debts on time. By paying your bills, paying off credit cards, and keeping the debt-to-income ratio below 20 percent, you can easily improve your credit. So consider it very good news, guys.

Myth 5-Complicated mortgage process

I am not going to sugar-coat anything. I only speak the truth about this myth. The home buying process can be complicated and very much risky. Although, several resources are readily available to provide you guidance. This makes the process easy and less complicated for you. Some “certified non-profit housing counseling agencies” are present that help you throughout the home buying process. They connect you with some good and expert lenders. The agencies also help to identify loan programs and products that work best for you.

Myth 6- Home inspector can find every problem

By now you know that home inspection is an essential part of the whole process while purchasing a home. The common myth about home inspections is that they are quite comprehensive. Not every inch in your home is inspected, even by the best home inspector. The solution to this is? Add your conclusions to the inspection report. Inspect the home on your own by just walking around the home. Always make sure you are present during a home survey. Walk with the home inspector to check the things that you have already seen. Properly indicate and question about them.

Myth 7- Expensive Homeownership

Homeownership is quite expensive. Sometimes you do not have the 20% amount for a down payment. Several other costs are attached with homeownership. In some cases, due to another related cost, you may not have to pay the 20% down. Different programs exist in the real estate market that allows different downpayment strategies. Some programs require to put down payment between 3 and 10%. But if the down payment is less than 20 percent, then you may have to pay mortgage insurance.


If you want to be successful in homeownership, then always collect correct and good information. Useful information is the key to success in the real estate field. Always be sure that you are well aware of the difference between facts and fiction. For expert guidance and opinion, contact Aceland Mortgage.

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