Choosing the Right Option for Elderly Living
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April 13, 2021


Moving into an assisted living, memory care, or independent elderly living community is very much similar to moving into any other new home. It’s a significant life experience that can be stressful. Making a proper plan can help you become more informed and ensure that you do not neglect any key info.  In this article, I have mentioned some factors to choose the right elderly living option.

Factors for choosing the right living option for elders

If you already have a good vision of the lifestyle you want or are just starting the process, here are ten factors to consider. These factors help you narrow down your choices and find the ideal elderly living option for you.

Factor # 1- Types of communities

  • Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) are kind of “small towns” with a wide range of housing options. These options include.
  • Catered or independent living
  • Assisted living
  • Nursing homes with medical sub-acute
  • Rehabilitative care.

They are generally a long-term caring relationship. The majority of them have a one-time entry fee in addition to monthly fees, but others are on rent.

  • All the residents present in assisted living communities live in small units and are mobile, but they need help with home care, food, and medicine. Assisted living does not have the same level of professional medical services as a nursing home regularly does. The community can help to arrange medical services with outside providers. But the family remains responsible for overall medical treatment.

Factor # 2- Location

Elderly living communities have nothing like the classic real estate adage. The second factor to look at is where you want to live in the country?. Do you want to live in your current neighborhood, close to everyone you know and love? Do you want to move much closer to your family? Or will you like to relocate to a place you have always admired and where the weather is ideal all year? There is no correct or wrong answer to these questions; it is completely a matter of personal choice.

Factor # 3- Kind of atmosphere

Few people like to live in a city. Many others like living in a rural environment. Some may prefer the suburbs, while others may prefer a recently gentrified neighborhood. Each of these types of places may have a distinct atmosphere. Some may be small and more intimate, while others may be large and more “free” in the sense that they allow people to go in their direction. Always consider what kind of atmosphere you want that makes you feel comfortable and happy.

Factor # 4- Lifestyle

This is a huge and complicated topic that can have a lot of possible answers. What kind of retirement lifestyle do you want to live? Possibly you need to explore the world. Maybe you like to start a new job or give your time to volunteering. Perhaps you will like to pick a new hobby, or maybe you want to relax for a bit. The finest and best elderly living communities give you enough time and resources that you need to fulfill your goals.

Factor # 5- Cost

What type and total cost are needed? Finance plays an important role in the standard of living now and in the future, even if we do not like them. All-inclusive monthly rate, cost-per-fee plan, or a massive “down payment” for joining, each community has its specific approach to payments.

Factor # 6- Different Facilities

When you get older, you will need health insurance, doctors, physicians, and other services. You may also require higher levels of treatment, such as assisted living or memory care. When you explore the neighborhood, look at the surrounding area and see what services and collaborations are available to help you stay healthy and hygienic.

Factor # 7- Maintenance

Is maintenance cost included in the living option fee? Elders want to move to a residential community for a variety of reasons. Saying goodbye to the chores and hassles of homeownership is one of the main causes of staying in a place built for their health needs. For certain communities, maintenance-free living is a major selling point and a significant drawback. All maintenance costs and services like washing and laundry are included in living options. This gives the residents enough time for the things they want to do and enjoy.

Factor # 8- Entertainment

Art galleries, theaters, and other recreational activities are examples of “entertainment.” But the question arises what kind of entertainment is available within or near the community? Hiring a full-time entertainment planner who organizes parties, games, outings, and other activities is common in elderly living communities.

Factor # 9- Pets

Most of us like pets and treat them as family members. So we like to bring them with us to a retirement home. If the pets are an integral part of your life or, contrarily, if you do not want to be around animals, you will always want to explore a living option according to your interests.

Factor # 10- Gut Feeling

Can you remember the first time you walked into a new house or a new location and immediately feel a connection? That is very timeless and vital. This time is very much different for each individual, no matter how a place looks, feels, or appears on a balance sheet or sheet of paper. You know yourself better than anybody, so ask yourself these questions when visiting various communities, like do I see myself here? Is it possible for me to be happy and satisfied in this environment? Pay attention to your gut feelings. This is a very important factor in choosing the right living option. If the reply is “meh,” then you can look for something else. Listen to that little voice in your heart if you know that this is the location for you. I hope you will be on your way to a lifestyle that you will cherish always.


I hope you get enough understanding about the factors that involve finding the right living option for elders. The decision of living options for elders is quite challenging. So pay attention to these factors before making any decision. This will help you make a better and wiser decision. If you are looking for a mortgage, contact Aceland Mortgage for expert opinion and guidance.

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