Cleaning tips for Storage Areas
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April 9, 2021


The storage areas in your home can be one of the most challenging places to clean during the home cleaning process since these areas are used and cleaned less often than the rest of your home. Due to this, they can get cluttery and dirty. But do not worry at all! In this article, I provide you some common tips for cleaning the storage areas of your home. Using these home cleaning tips, you will be able to clean up your storage areas in no time.

Storage areas

  • Closet
  • Basement
  • Garage

Tips for cleaning the storage areas

To clean the storage area, there are several tips available. But some of the most common and popular tips are mentioned below.

So let’s start with the basic one that is the closet.

For Closet

All the coat closets, fabric closets, and other storage closets are the most popular throwing away grounds. You can use your home cleaning project as a chance to clean up and organize the closets.

Tip # 1- Shelves and Floor

To clean up the shelves, remove everything from the wardrobe. Gently clean the tiles, corners, and baseboards after that. Wipe the shelves and closets, especially higher ones that are more difficult to access, because these have more accumulation. You can also clean all wardrobe hangers, boxes, bins, or frames present in your wardrobe.

Tip # 2- Listing

When you go through your closet belongings, always consider what you need in your closet. Make a list of the closet stuff during home cleaning. You need to transfer a lot of the things to a separate area of the home. Try to recycle, sell, or trash what you no longer use or are of no need in the future.

Tip # 3- Storage Solution

If you need further organization in the closet, then built shelves or cabinets in your wardrobe to store sneakers, shoes, heels, bags, gloves, and other things you need to carry on the way out of the house.  Install drawers and dividers if possible. They can help to provide more separation to keep the wardrobe clutter-free. You can also put hats, caps, glasses, scarves, and umbrellas at the back of closet doors to increase closet space.

Tip # 4- Washing

In storage closets, unwashed pieces can trigger stinky odors. The coats, jackets, shirts, shoes, luggage, sheets, and other miscellaneous things that have spent several years or months in the wardrobe must be thoroughly cleaned or washed.

For Basement

You probably need a part of your basement for storage. To keep this downstairs storage room neat and clean, consider these basement storage cleaning tips.

Tip # 1- Decluttering

Remove everything from your basement storage room so you can do a thorough cleaning. When you go through your stuff, use a home decluttering approach to decide what you want to save, donate, or discard.

Tip # 2- Dusting

The basements and storage spaces are very much susceptible to dust bunnies and cobwebs. Pay very close attention to the floorboards and walls with a piece of cloth and some high-quality cleaning spray.  And clean the ceiling corners and hard-to-reach spaces with a broom.

Tip # 3- Service Room

Check the furnace, air condition, and water heater to make sure that they are working properly.  Try to arrange a specialist inspection for your units once every year, particularly if they are older than ten years.  This can help you to avoid any problems and extend the life of your heating and cooling systems.

Tip # 4-  Air Ducts

In your air ducts, dead skin cells, bacteria, mildew, and other irritants can cause allergies, cause sensitive respiratory problems, and more. Duct accumulation also traps foul odors and restricts ventilation, making the HVAC machine work harder. This can cost you more money and harm the environment. Clean the air ducts timely by hiring a specialist or vacuum them by yourself.

Tip # 5- Air Filter

You need to check the air filters by every two or three months. If you fail to replace them in the whole year, use home cleaning as a reminder. Remove and clean your filters, even though they were just updated. This helps to ensure that your home is breathing clean air.

Tip # 6- Floor

Clear excess dirt, clutter, and spills sweep, mop, or vacuum the floor surface. If you see any holes, fill them right away to prevent debris and liquids from entering. The carpet in your basement must be clean up at least once a year. To remove stains and smudges, you can appoint a specialist, rent equipment, or use a DIY method.

Tip # 7- Solution

By installing or purchasing basement storage shelving units, you can increase the amount of storage space in your basement. Pack the things into plastic storage bins, and mark them to show what’s inside. This can allow you to walk around the basement more easily to see what’s in each storage bin.

For Garage

It is indeed essential to keep your garage clean and well-organized because it serves as a link between the inside and outside.

Tip # 1- Wiping the walls

Wipe off the garage walls with a microfiber cloth or a damp cloth to remove stains and scratches. If you want to paint your garage in the coming years, this move is important.

Tip # 2- Sweeping

Use a push broom, clean debris, dust, and clutter out of the garage, starting at the back. When there is excess residue in your driveway, brush it up with a standard broom and dispose it off properly.

Tip # 3- Airtight

Check to see if your garage is sealed correctly or not because this helps to maintain a constant temperature and keep unnecessary dust and bugs out. Always initiate with the garage door, as insects, mud, rainwater, and other elements may enter the garage via fractured or loose garage door springs. If the garage door does not stay completely shut, check the torsion springs and consider replacing them as soon as possible. Check for air holes or drafts in the garage and cover them with spray-on foam or good quality sealant.


I hope you got some good tips to clean your storage areas. I know that a home’s deep storage cleaning is not the cup of tea of everyone but kindly do it for yourself and your home.

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