Make Your Real Estate Transaction Close On Time
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June 30, 2016


close on time

Once a real estate sales contract negotiates all parties involved want to get to closing as soon as possible. There are potential circumstances that could push back your closing date, but there are also several ways to ensure a timely closing. Follow this advice to close on time and enjoy your new home.

Get Pre-Approved Before House Hunting

The first step to making your closing date on time should start well before you start house hunting. Get pre-approved for a mortgage loan before you begin looking at homes. Once you’ve negotiated a sales contract on a house send it straight into your lender. Since you already have an application in their system, it will make the process much more streamlined and take less time overall.

Attend The Home Inspection

The results of a home inspection can push off a closing date if further negotiation needs to occur. Attend the home inspection so you know whether or not you need to make any changes to your sales contract. Contact your real estate agent immediately about the necessary negotiations instead of waiting for the inspection report to come days later.

Be Proactive With Documentation

Home closings require a lot of documentation and so does your mortgage lender. Turn in all of the signed disclosures and documentation that is required. Make sure that your documents reached the intended party, and follow up with them if you have received what you need.

Stay in Close Contact

Keeping frequent communication with both your mortgage lender and real estate professional will help you to close on time. Update them with any news on your behalf and check in with them weekly to see if there’s anything they need from you. Frequent communication will eliminate miscommunications and long gaps between getting pertinent news.
Closing on your new home is an exciting time. Following the advice above will help to remove any stress during the time between going under contract and officially purchasing your home. Stay informed and proactive in this process and you will close on time and move into your new house.

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