Common ways to save money for down payment
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January 6, 2021


In case you might be asking yourself for ways to save money for your new home, let me help and make it easy for you. There are numerous ways to save money for the down-payment of your home. You can save a fair amount of money if you follow these suggestions.

Some people believe that after achieving their goal of a home, they also help them fulfill their other financial goals. Just keep your spirit high and get motivation from positive things because all of this depends upon your seriousness towards fulfilling your goal.


If you want to buy a home and want to save money for down-payment then the best and the easiest way to do that is to cut down money from the things that are less necessary for you, like eating food from high end hotels or restaurants. Cut down on the expensive vacations, decrease buying new luxurious stuff, or buy a brand new car. Cutting money from all these activities can easily help you to save the money to fulfill the dream of your own home and you can save a sufficient amount to do your down-payment.

For prioritizing, Firstly, you have to manage your budget. Start with this and mind it; this will help you in the best way. You can easily identify how much you are spending on extra stuff and which thing you need or do not need necessarily. After budget listing and identification, you can easily cut back the amount you put into the savings.

So what are you waiting for? Do this now. Start from today for your home. It must be your priority because a roof of your own is the most essential and basic need of an individual.

Clearing your credit cards debts

As we all know, if a buyer wants to buy a home and does not pay their debts first before applying for a mortgage, they can never qualify for a loan. The most common mistake a buyer will make while saving money for a down payment is that he has not cleared his high-interest rates. If the buyer wants to save money for the home’s down-payment, he needs to clear all his debts.

The easiest way to do that if you have to pay a high-interest rate on loan, then first take a start from the smallest part of the high-interest rate and pay it, then after that take the payment from this debt and pay the next smaller high-interest rate. Once all these two smaller payments you made to pay the smaller debt will help you pay the next debt, this is the easiest and the quickest way to clear all your debts with high-interest rates on them. From this method, you can pay off all your more enormous debts with ease.

Saving from work

While you are working at a workplace, wait till you get a good raise at work. Once you get the raise, treat this as extra money? Save it in a separate account that you can classify for savings. I know this money is not enough, but it will add up a good saving amount to your account. Sometimes we get a sufficient amount of bonuses or close a good deal with a potential client and get a reasonable amount of commission or tax refunds. You are adding drop by drop to the ocean of efforts for your own house by saving in an account.

Using tax-free accounts for saving

If you want to save money for down-payment and are worried about taxes applied to this money while putting them in saving accounts, don’t worry! Tax-free accounts are available. You can put your money in these tax-free accounts, and you do not need to pay the taxes on this. Your money will be saved, and money will easily grow tax-free in the account. For this purpose, get some expert advice do consult your financial advisor.

Looking for a First Time Homebuyers Program in the city

As time changes, many different countries’ cities introduce different programs that provide down payment as an interest-free loan to first-time home buyers. These types of programs have mainly 2 purposes.

  • They want to develop that city, which is struggling hard to get populated.
  • They provide an opportunity for first-time homebuyers to buy a home in the expensive area or city that they dream of but cannot afford.

So keep an eye on these programs, if any, introduced for the first-time home buyers related to your cities. All these programs have specific terms and conditions that a buyer has to follow if they are interested in taking the program. The amount of money involved in these programs will be repaid without paying any interest over a fixed period that may be years.


I know saving money for down-payment of the home is tough, but this is the most important task present in your list. If you feel that you are struggling with your savings and feeling uncomfortable, then, without any doubt, take help from the non-profit organization. Contact Aceland Mortgage, and get the expert guidance you need to help you with your savings.  If you have spirit and a strong belief in yourself, nothing will stop you from fulfilling your dream of a home of your own.

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