Hidden Costs of Moving
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December 1, 2014


costs of moving

The costs of moving can often be an afterthought to many potential homebuyers. They think about how much it will cost them to close on a mortgage and pay for a downpayment, but they leave out the factor of relocating all of their household belongings into the new home. Aside from moving furniture and belongings, there are also many other costs associated with moving into a new home.

Take into account these hidden costs of moving which budgeting for your next home purchase:

1- Moving truck/ labor

The most expensive part of moving is of course the moving truck and labor associated with it. There are many costs associated with having a moving company come and move your belongings, ask them about whether there’s a charge for using extra supplies like tape and boxes. Find out if they charge a flat rate or an hourly rate for labor.

Ways to save: Try to schedule your moving truck on a less busy day and avoid the weekends if possible. Pack your house as much as possible before the movers arrive to reduce the amount of time they are in your home.  Pack up your cars with smaller belongings to have less things that need to be transported by the movers. Disassemble your big pieces of furniture before the movers show up to cut down on the amount of time they are there.

2- Supplies

Boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, paper to wrap glasses with. All of the moving supplies get used up much sooner than you’d expect and add up very quickly in cost. You can easily spend a couple hundred dollars on moving supplies alone. Do not let this expense slip under the radar.

Ways to save: Purchase your tape in bulk to get a lower price. Look on craigslist for free used boxes from others who have just recently moved. Buy a few reusable bins to transport items in your own car that will be utilized down the line.

3- Eating Out

While moving from one home to another you will not have access to a fully functioning kitchen. Inevitably you will need to eat some meals that are takeout or at restaurants.  This can be costly and unhealthy, but if you plan wisely you can cut back on how much you need to eat out.

Ways to Save: Clearly pack your bare minimum kitchen essentials in an organized manner and unpack them first in your new home. Have bottled water on hand. Have non-perishable items available for quick and easy meals, like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pretzels for snacks, etc.

4- Storage

During the home selling and buying process you may need to utilize some storage. You may need to put things in storage to help stage your home for sale, or you may close on the sale of your current home before the closing date of your new home. Try to factor in the cost of storage while you are planning your next move.

Ways to save: Look for deals on a storage unit, like the $1 for the first month, promotions.

5- Cleaning Services

Although you clean your home on a regular basis you’d be surprised at the amount of cleaning that needs to take place in a newly empty house. With all of the stress of moving scrubbing your home from top to bottom may not rank high on your priority list. Hiring a cleaning company to come in and clean out your home may be worth every penny.

Ways to Save: Do it yourself. There’s really no other way around that, but consider how much time and effort it will take and determine whether or not it’s worth the amount of savings you get.
Don’t forget to consider each of these costs when planning your next big move. Taking the time to plan ahead and prepare for the hidden costs of moving that arise will make the moving process much more pleasant and your bank account will thank you for it.

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