Could it be, a closing?
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September 25, 2012


Indeed!  It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on the Hoboken couple who decided to move West to begin their family buying a home in Roseland, NJ.  A lot has happened since then.  Without going into major detail on every little thing, I’ll give you a list of some of things that actually transpired so you can see “what goes wrong when you’re buying a house?”

1. The CO (certification of occupancy) was never obtained — found out somewhat last minute so had to scramble to put that together.

2. Agent was not in the state on the day the CO inspector had to show up so he got coverage to make sure inspector could come in.  Coverage was late.  Inspector was early.  Inspector failed the CO because there was no one there to let him in.

3. Had to reschedule the inspection.

4. House needed smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

5. Seller’s attorney never cashed the buyer’s deposit check so the mortgage bank was not able to verify the funds had been taken from client’s account.  Client had to get a certified check and drive it in person to the seller’s office.  (Seller’s attorney tried to claim this was not necessary, blah, blah, blah.  He was just trying to cover up their mistake.  It’s OK, this is the mortgage business — these types of things happen all the time.)

6. There was a computer glitch in the bank’s computer system — no damage done — just cost a few days in time (another unforeseen, uncontrollable event).

7. Then attorney on seller side claimed he was going on vacation and would not be back for a month’s time and if we couldn’t close on the specific date then we’d have to wait a week; mind you, the main reason we were delayed was because HE had never deposited the buyer’s check as he was supposed to.  Meanwhile the rate lock was hanging in the balance.

…and the list goes on!  It’s no wonder that buying a home is a stressful time — so many moving parts are pulling in different directions — but, at the end of the day — we delivered.  The customers were very happy as they ended up getting a home they really wanted AND they UNDER paid for the property, by $100,000!  See — that’s what happens when you work with the professionals at Aceltis.  The final sale price was $360,000 and the appraised value was $460,000.  Now that’s how you buy real estate, the right way!

Here is a recent article in the WSJ that echoes that there are some signs of grass shoots starting to bud.

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