How to decorate a small bathroom intelligently?
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April 11, 2021


Most of you agree with me that one of the most necessary rooms in a home is the bathroom. We use it daily to maintain our health and hygiene and get ready in the morning. Amid the small size, the bathroom has a significant effect on our everyday lives. The majority of people do not have access to a big or even medium-sized bathroom, which creates an exciting challenge in decorating such a small space. In such a small room, decorations can quickly become a mess. So in this article, I have posted the ideas that I have implemented to decorate a small bathroom to help with your own.

Are you ready? If “yes,” then let’s start to read the article.

List of ideas to decorate a small bathroom

Some of the common ideas that help to decorate a small bathroom are as follows.


While decorating a small bathroom, use kaleidoscope patterned wallpaper. This wallpaper helps to boost up your small bathroom. It can also add a playful aspect to the bathroom and making it seem larger. You can also use wallpapers of long, lean trees to draw the eye in the upward direction. These wallpapers give the impression of more vertical space. Different wallpaper or tile designs adds a lovely touch to your tiny bathroom. One can also pick a sleek black and white paint or wallpaper scheme with a few bright bursts of color.


A small indoor plant can provide a nice smell to your small bathroom. So while decorating a small bathroom, choose an air-purifying or good aromatic herb that flourishes in humid conditions. You can also add these plants by hanging them from the ceiling. So in this way, they cannot take up your bathroom’s valuable countertop or floor space.


Utilizing a few buckets and trays to organize supplies and toiletries is a perfect way to keep a small bathroom neat, clean, and tidy.  For this, when decorating a small bathroom, place a few hanging shelves. Put them in your bathroom cabinets for keeping essential stuff. If you want to give your small bathroom a youthful look, then add those hanging buckets that can provide a cute and realistic appearance to space.

Toilet Paper Holder

The decorative toilet paper holder takes up very little space and adds up as a bonus decorative item.  So pick a good and modern roller in a shade that blends with your bathroom’s color scheme for a trendy splash of color.

Counter Space

When working with less counter space, keeping it clutter-free can make the bathroom more spacious and airy. You can also use a pair of large size baskets to store some toiletries or linens.

Wall Art

With mismatched frames and images, you can build a one-of-a-kind wall art gallery while decorating a small bathroom. If you want to tell a story, use a mixture of quotations, photographs, and illustrations.


Any space can have a sleek feel of gold, copper, and neutral colors. If you want to give a small bathroom a truly modern look, try to incorporate some metallic embellishments like geometric shapes and lines.

Jar and Vases

You can use mason jars to organize toiletries and cosmetics. They also serve as a great option to hold a bouquet of your favorite flowers. You can also put some additional decoration to a small bathroom by making some Homemade tinted jars and vases. They add some modern flavor to the small space.


To decorate a small bathroom, find a nook in which you can install some tall cabinets. These cabinets provide some additional storage space. If you cannot need a lot of storage space in any case, a narrow cabinet will work for you!


To create a unique floor style of a small bathroom, mix hardwood floors with tiny hexagon tiles.


For decorating a small bathroom, install a few decorative, rustic shelves on the empty wall space above your toilet. They use to store toilet paper, towels, and accessories.


A modern and neutral backsplash is ideal for all those looking to add texture and dimension. To complete the look and make your small bathroom space feel larger, add a large hanging mirror.


Always roll your bath towels instead of folding them for the best spa experience. While decorating your bathroom, always choose 2 or 3 shades that go well with the rest of the color scheme.

Door Towel Racks

In a small bathroom, make the most of the available space by hanging towels and bathrobes on the back of the door. For this, you can install modern and trendy racks.


When you start to decorate a small bathroom space, install plenty of hooks everywhere! You can use these hooks to hang blankets, plugs, or even flower pots.


The market is full of modern-looking vanities in today’s times. When you start to decorate a small bathroom, do proper research on vanities. Each vanity that is present in the market has a special storage system under it. This allows for cleanliness above.


If you prefer to include some furniture in the bathroom while decorating it, make a special wood wireframe to save visual space.

Art Print

To make a focal point, choose a large piece of art. Insert it against the bathroom’s back wall to draw attention away from the confined areas.


I hope you get some good ideas to decorate a small bathroom space. But before decorating a small bathroom, always look up to your budget. The decoration of a bathroom needs a good amount of money and takes a lot of time. So always pre-decide these things.

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