Factors of a ‘Good’ Location
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February 13, 2021


Good Location

Homebuyers will try to take credit for almost every home that reaches the marketplace in a real estate boom. “Location” is the most important mantra in the real estate sector. A good location will mean multiple things to different individuals, and there are also quantitative criteria that decide the importance of a home. But some people are not aware of the fact that what good location means. Some do not know about the factors of a good location. You will not be able to afford a home with any of these factors based on personal desires and interests.

If you want good know-how of the factors for a good location, then do read this article. Take out some free time and understand the things that are mentioned as follows. These will surely help you to find out a good location.

Factors of a ‘Good’ Location

Some of the common factors for a suitable location are as follows.


There is no question that where you want to live in the city or region will impact you. Like how much you are paying for the property. The property is a finite product. Highly developed cities don’t have a lot of room for additional growth. In this way, they charge high prices than cities that have a large area to develop. Any of these cities include a substantial number of unpopulated residences and areas which have fallen away.


The neighborhoods that attract you will be a matter of personal taste. Though, a true neighborhood will have few other primary factors in general for a good location like accessibility, appearance, and amenities. Your neighborhood will also determine the scale of the lot your homes are built on. The three critical factors of the neighborhood are as follows.

  • Accessibility

If you take accessibility, you will search for a neighborhood near the area’s main transport routes. They will also have more than one point of entry for people and transports.

  • Appearance of area

The good appearance of the neighborhood is significant. Tall trees, quality landscape design gardens, parks, or community areas nearby seem to be attractive. Depending on how long homes in that location stay in the market, you will classify the neighborhood’s attractiveness.

  • Amenities present in the area

Primary services like supermarkets, shops, and hotels will also be included in a great neighborhood. Many individuals want to find comfortable areas. But do not ever forget about security. An area with a low crime as well as a safe and welcoming atmosphere will be preferred. These are the type of places where most people want to live and spend their entire lives.

Different developments

It is the current facilities that matter and potential ones that need the future. Schools, healthcare, public transport, and other municipal development plans will significantly boost land values in the area. The commercial growth will also raise the value of the property. Try to check out if any new municipal, industrial, or residential projects are expected while searching for a house. Always remember how well these developments will influence the attraction of the nearby areas.

Home Location

You need to consider in which area the home is located carefully. There are a few points in this scenario that you can consider while you begin the search.  If you want to buy a home right on a busy road or highway, you will possibly get it at a lower price. But maybe you will face some difficulty while you sell this home. The same goes for commercial properties like grocery stores, gas stations. The houses present on streets that have unusual parking traffic, like near large churches or community centers. Similarly, a home with a fantastic view or close to a water body may be more expensive. This will be valuable all now and when it’s the time of selling this home to the market.

House hunting

One component of house hunting always appears to confuse individuals. Let’s assume you have limited your options to two homes in a good location side – by – side. The one needs maintenance and up-gradation, but you have a fantastic deal to lock. The other one is in full tip-top condition but lies roughly the size of the renovator one.  The prices of these two houses are the same. Which one do you want to choose? According to some cases, the home which needs renovation and maintenance is the better option for investment.

This is the main reason: A home is a depreciating asset of yours. On the other side, the property will sustain its worth compared to the home. The bigger plot would sell for more if you demolished both homes. So, pick a wider, better-shaped, or good location plot than a lovely house if you need to. The less desirable home will still be entirely modified, added to, or removed, but the plot will not be altered.


A good location is not wholly personal. It is dependent on a relatively fixed series of requirements. Be sure the area is suitable for you as you start to look for a new home but has all objective qualities. These features include attractive facilities, secure streets, quality hospitals, and schools that help ensure that your investment is valued over time. Take your time. Think properly and take the decision wisely. If you want expert opinion and guidance, contact Aceland Mortgage.

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