Factors that Influence Home Appraisal value
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January 31, 2021


Home Appraisal value

You will need to get appraised before putting your home on the market for competition or sales. The value of the home appraisal is mainly concentrated on a set of different variables. When evaluating your home, they each hold a diverse range of weights. A home appraisal’s main goal is to put the home for sale based on a comparable set of guidelines at the market place and the environment. In this article, we discuss the factors that influence the home appraisal value, and we also give further detail so that you know what to search and look out for.

Factors That influence the Home Appraisal Value

Some of the common factors that influence the home appraisal value are as follows.

Location in an area

The home appraisal value is on the house’s location in a good area. As a result, various neighborhoods would increase the value of your home. It would also carry much weight on your home location in the community. New buyers who start and new to this field would be worth more than the corner lot parallel to the main road if you have an oversized lot in the neighborhood’s back.

Some man questions that people ask more frequently that what makes a good home location? Few factors that will increase your home appraisal value from a great location are as follows.

  • The crime rate must be low.
  • Schools will be highly rated.
  • Hospitals, fire stations, or police stations are near.
  • Streets and roads are well maintained and lighted with lamps.
  • The homes that are present nearby will mainly be owner-occupied.
  • Located in a residential neighborhood, approximately 20 to 30 minutes from a large or mid-sized city.
  • Busy road location is not preferable.

Structural Construction Materials and Updates

The home appraisal value also increases due to the construction materials used to build a house’s foundation. If a house is newly built with some trendy materials or updated recently, using modern materials will have a raised value compared to the home that will not be updated and is as same as constructed years ago. Updating different materials with the trendy ones, such as the roof of the house, siding, and windows will also add value to the home appraisal. This all because of the improvement in the general efficiency and safety structure of the home. If your home needs some repairs and updates according to new trends, this will be one of the best ways to prepare for a home appraisal.

Few high-value structural updates and repairing techniques that you will to consider or look for are as follows:

  • Updated electrical technologies when correcting hazardous electrical methods.
  • If you construct a deeper basement, then that will create a potential living and usable space.
  • New and trendy roofs, especially if the previous one is approximately old for many years.
  • Trendy siding, in the case, if the previous one is damaged or needs reparation.
  • Windows and doors will be of good quality.

Age of the house

The home appraisal value also is influenced by the age of the home. A newer home won’t necessarily always be appraised higher than an older home. If you have a new and old home, then you will get many benefits. All the new homes built within approximately 10 to 20 years will have fewer major issues. So if you are interested in buying them, you are at lower risk, but in some or either way, the home appraisal value will increase. The homes present in the historic districts are older ones, so these homes’ maintenance is done fabulously for over the decades will require a high appraisal.

Designing and styling of the home

The house’s general architecture is another area that will be measured to evaluate the home appraisal value. Such timeless home designs would not influence the long-term value of a house. If you go for trendy furniture and overall finishes in your house, though, when it’s no longer in style, it will be done at a lower appraisal.

Number of Bedrooms

The home appraisal value raises by the number of bedrooms in the home. If you make a value comparison, the home appraiser will compare the home to other homes in the city with the same number of bedrooms. It all also depends on the interest of people. In some cases, one-bedroom homes are less in demand because many families are not interested in them.

Number of Bathrooms

The home appraisal value increases by the number of bathrooms in it. Let’s take an example in general that your home would definitely be ranked higher than a home with one bathroom if you have three bathrooms in your home.

Square footage of each area

Another area that is measured to assess the home appraisal value is the home’s total square footage. Limited square footage decreases home appraisal value. The home appraiser you associate with will look at how the rooms are allocated in the house until they calculate the amount. Is the space present is usable and liveable? This is an important question. Generally, home appraisers only provide a home’s available above-grade square feet, even though the basement is complete and livable. A finished basement will also add value to the house. All the areas will be taken into account when measuring the home’s square footage.

Garage Space of the home

The garage size, or whether the house has a garage at all, would also add to the home appraisal valuation. A house with a three-car garage would be rated better and much higher than a home with a one-car garage with the same characteristics. Besides, the appraisal value would be determined by where a home buyer will parking their vehicles.


Knowing which considerations are taken into account when deciding the home appraisal value will help you get the good value and stop your home’s overpricing for sale. For example, home upgrading, like the addition of good garage space to your home, may give you an incredible return when you sell your home in the future in the market. It will also help you get more money for the home when the demand is high and competitive, with customers strategically putting your home up for sale.

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