Falling in Love with a Home
2 minute read
April 17, 2014


home crushSearching for the right home to buy is much like dating. Searching for homes online is like perusing online dating websites and going to view the home is like the first date. Buyers want the house to have all the desired qualities on paper, but also want to feel sparks when they arrive at the house. For some house hunters they need to see every house in their price range on the market before being ready to make a commitment, and for others it is love at first sight. But is getting emotionally attached to a home really a smart thing to do?

Someone who is acting more emotional than logical when buying a house may end of spending too much money. If they are already envisioning their children playing hopscotch in the driveway and where they are going to put their Christmas tree they are probably going to make a higher offer on the house. Additionally, they may overlook a big flaw like a furnace that will need replacing in the next few years because they are swooned by the open floor plan and granite countertops.

Finding the right home should be like finding a significant other. Make sure you do feel an emotional connection to the home, but also stay logical and assure that it meets your standards. Know what flaws you are willing to work with or overlook before going to view the home. Before getting completely swept away take some time to step away and gage your emotions before acting irrationally. When you’re sure that the home meets your standards of living and connects with you emotionally before taking that leap of faith. Hopefully you’ll be living happily ever after.

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