Go West, Young Hobokenite ?
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May 24, 2012


Working with many buyers from the Hoboken area I’ve found a dilemma arises as to where to settle down.  Buy in Hoboken or Go West?  Or go East, head to NY?  The answers depends on a number of things clients will be looking for.  Is it access to NYC and amenities that tickle your fancy?  Is it space to raise a family?  Is it straight up price?  

Most likely it is a combination of these factors.  When deciding it’s good to make a list of all the things that are of importance and then whittle it down to a MUST HAVE and a “we can deal” list.  We are working with some buyers now who have decided that train access to NYC is paramount as well as a decent sized home in which to raise children.  They’ve decided to trade the conveniences of the Hoboken living for a little more space and greenery.

More bang for the buck, especially in this market, is also a draw.  We’ve set them up with a local agent and they are off and running.  They’ve got a good list of houses they are reviewing and will most likely begin making offers shortly.  We are currently looking at an REO (real estate owned) property in Roseland, NJ.

It’s an interesting house with some unique features.  I’m interested in finding out A) if they will go ahead and make an offer and B) negotiating with the owner (Valley National Bank).  This will be fun!

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