HARP NJ – The Time is NOW
1 minute read
February 7, 2013


HARP loans for NJ borrowers: There are an estimated 2 million borrowers who qualify for HARP but have not yet taken advantage of the program. With stronger economic data coming out recently the yield on the 10 year is rising and this translates into higher long term aka mortgage rates. Therefore the time to pull the trigger on this type of refi is likely here as we enter into a period of ever increasing interest rates. This also means the rate you discuss today will most likely be lower than the rate you lock into later – therefore you cannot get frustrated if you end up having to lock on a rate that is slightly higher than what it is when you started discussing it today. Loans take much longer to process and close today and that is part of the issue. If you’ve completed a HARP, let your friends and colleagues know that investigating this option should be done now!

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