Home Inspection Checklist
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February 23, 2021


Home Inspection Checklist

You may move into your dream home in no time with a home inspection checklist at your side. The purchase of your first home contains a variety of emotions. After paying the down payment, you are anxious about evaluating your savings account. After weeks of research and collaboration with an agent, you definitely get drained to find the right home. Don’t you worry! This ring of feelings is natural and it will come to an end soon. The home inspection is one of the final and hardest steps. We have also created an ultimate home inspection checklist to reduce your fears. This list helps you move into the home of your dreams but the inspection process may be demanding.

Purpose of Home inspection

The purpose of a home inspection is to identify any issues before the closing session ends. The buyer and seller are then allowed to renegotiate the deal or even leave it if they wish. A home inspection is one of the best precautions for home buyers, although it may seem frightening. Inspections in several cases show no surprises either. Any review of all the corrections in the last phase is necessary. It is important to check your house, even though you feel good about the property. You and your wallet will remain safe during your home inspection process

Ultimate Home Inspection Checklist

When you are working with the expert officer, they may know what and where to look for. It is also necessary, however, that investors may recognize vital inspection components. The more you know about the process, the more easily you can evaluate your property. However, for a home inspection list, there are several categories:

Some of the major categories are as follows.


  • Good quality of exterior buildings.
  • No signs of thermite or rot wood attack.
  • The Railings of stairs are appropriate and secure.
  • Excellent quality driveways, paths, patios, entrances, away from the house or property.
  • Proper classification of the building drainage.
  • No proof of water standing.
  • No septic tank spills or leakage.
  • All the landscapes, trees, and trails are in neat and good condition.
  • No branches touch the house or overlay the roof.


  • Lines of ridge and fascia boards appear level and straight.
  • The house’s sides look straight without any inclination and sloping.
  • Square frame windows and doors.
  • The visible foundation, always in good condition that appears straight, plumb, without any major cracks.

Exterior Surfaces

  • No broken glass or damaged screens.
  • No broken double-paned, insulated window seals.
  • All the drip caps are installed properly over the windows.
  • Adequate clearing of material from land to a tree which means no wood to earth touch.
  • Sidings must be clean without any cracking, losing, or decaying.
  • Fireplaces without any joint fractures.
  • Brickwork without big cracks.
  • There are no vines on the structure surface.
  • External surface paint must be without flaking and blisters.
  • No spots on the external surfaces.
  • Well, Wood Trimmed windows and doors.
  • Wood frames and sections are safe, without any holes, or rot.
  • Joints are well tangled around the frames.


  • Well Composed shingles: no curling, broken, damaged, or missing shingles
  • No more than two layers of roofing.
  • Flat roofs without any patches, cracks, or splits.
  • Flashing around the roof penetrations.
  • No proof of surplus cement.
  • External venting for eave areas.
  • The vents are clean without any paint.
  • Gutter’s joints must be sealed, always attached tightly to the structure.
  • No sections of the gutter or downspout missing.
  • Clean Gutters without any mud deposits
  • Chimneys are straight and properly flashed.

Interior of the Rooms

  • Straight and level floors, walls, and ceilings.
  • No marks on the floors, ceilings, and walls.
  • Good and highly recommended floor material.
  • No major cracks in the floor, walls, and ceilings.
  • All the windows and external doors function smoothly.
  • Latching of windows and doors is properly done.
  • Paneling must be in good condition.
  • Flakeless paint.
  • Proper functioning of all the lights and switches of rooms.
  • Well and good condition wood trim installation.
  • Testing of electrical outlets.
  • Each room has heating, electric, and cooling systems.
  • Adequate and proper insulation of walls.
  • Well maintained, clean, and lined flue.


  • Exhaust fans always vented at the external side of the home.
  • Proper drains for dishwasher.
  • No leakage in the pipes under the surface of sinks.
  • The floor in the cabinet, without stains.
  • Adequate water flows in the sink.
  • Proper operation of built-in home appliances.
  • Good condition cabinets.
  • The doors and drawers of the cabinets work properly.


  • Properly working exhaust fan.
  • Sufficient flow and pressure at all types of equipment.
  • Drains of the sink, bathtub, and shower function properly.
  • Good condition of cabinet floor.
  • Rust-free metal sink.
  • The sink overflow drain does not leak.
  • Toilet operates properly
  • Stable toilets without any stains around the base.
  • Good condition and well-maintained caulking inside and outside of the bathtub and shower area.
  • Tub and shower tiles secure.
  • No sign of leakage near the base of the bathtub or shower.


  • The water pipes are visible without any damage and leaks.
  • Stain-free materials near pipes.
  • The water heater is rust-free and properly vented.
  • The size of the water heater must be proper to produce adequate quantities of hot water.
  • The short cycle water pump is not acceptable.
  • Water test of well is acceptable.

Electrical system

  • The wiring is visible and in good condition.
  • The electric cables must be secured and protected well.
  • Adequate capacity.
  • All the cables are attached to the panel with cable connectors.
  • Prevention of overheating of fuses or breakers.

Heating and Cooling System

  • Appears to operate well throughout.
  • Flues: no open seams and slopes.
  • Flues are connected up to the chimney.
  • Rust-free cooling unit.
  • Odorless gas combustion.
  • The air filter must be clean.
  • Good condition of all the ductwork.
  • Heating pipes, water pipes, and air ducts are without asbestos.
  • All the flues for gas, oil, and coal are separate.


When you sign the purchasing contract of your home after months of searching, the last thing you have in your mind is a home inspection checklist. An inspection of the new house seems to be an essential step. This helps to ensure that you do not have any unnecessary renovations that may split your bank. Prepare yourself with a detailed checklist and you feel like a breeze as you search for your first home buyer.

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