Serious Home Repairs Overlooked by Homebuyers
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June 3, 2016


home repairs

The process of house hunting is exciting for most home buyers. There is a lot of emotion and anticipation that goes into finding the right house. Unfortunately, these feelings can sometimes get in the way of effectively looking at homes and may end up causing problems for your home purchase. Many first time homebuyers just look at the surface of a home, they aren’t looking for the serious repairs that may be needed. Don’t overlook home repairs that will turn you away from a house. Seek out any problems you can before negotiating a sales contract.

The Most Commonly Overlooked Home Repairs


Windows are an expensive item to replace in a home. Each window costs several hundred dollars and with a couple dozen windows in a home you are looking at a large cost to replace them all. Look at the age and condition of the windows. Try to assess whether or not they are energy efficient or if they have any drafts.


There can be serious issues lurking on the floorboards of a home. Try to peel back some carpet to look for any serious home repairs that may be needed. Looks for signs of damage from either water or pests.


Replacing a roof is one of the most expensive home repairs. It can cost anywhere from $5,000 and up. Don’t get distracted by the curb appeal of the home and fail to look up at the roof. If it is in obvious disrepair, determine if the condition is a dealbreaker, or if you’d like to use it as a negotiating tool.

The Outdoors

The focus of many homebuyers is on the structure and interior of the home that they neglect to notice outdoor issues. Look for signs of drainage issues or structural damage. Keep your eyes focused on fences, decks or patios and what type of upkeep they’ve received.
Don’t rely on a home inspector to find issues with a property. They are the qualified professional, of course, but there are still some problems that can be spotted with the common eye. By keeping your eyes open to serious home repairs while viewing a home you can save a lot of time on your home search by avoiding the weeks between negotiating and waiting for an inspection.

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