House Hunters… Fact or Fiction??
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March 3, 2014


The show House Hunters on HGTV is a favorite in American households. People love watching as families look at 3 different homes and decide which property they decide to buy. At the end of the episode viewers are lefhouse hunters t to guess and debate about which home will be the one.  But as we all know not everything is as it appears on television, the show definitely has portrayed the home buying process in an entertaining but inaccurate manner.

Let’s discuss some of the fact and fiction behind the show:

You look at 3 houses and have to make a decision… FICTION!

Buying a home is most likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. While it is possible that you can find the exact home you want after looking at just three houses, in most cases you’ll need to do more searching before submitting an offer. The US Housing and Urban Development states that on average Americans look at 15 homes before making offer.

You find your favorite house, put an offer on it and everything works out perfectly… FICTION!

House Hunters is notorious for making the home buying process seem extremely simple. Home buyers pick out their favorite house and naturally their offer is accepted and they are on their way to moving into a new home. This however is very far from reality. Many times home buyers will get their hearts set on a  certain property but for various reasons are unable to buy the home. Situations arise where offers are not accepted, a home inspection reveals an extensive amount of problems within a property, or the purchase of a home is contingent on selling your current property. Although many homebuyers do end up purchasing the first house they make an offer on, many do not.

People have unrealistic expectations about what they can afford… FACT!

When spending a couple hundred thousand dollars you expect to get exactly what you are looking for. Buying a home is not cheap and unless you have unlimited funds to build a completely customized loan or to completely renovate a home changes are you won’t find everything you’re looking for in a home. Stay positive throughout the home buying process and be willing to change your expectations to what is more feasible within your budget.

You can’t get everything on your wish list within your budget… FACT!

Most often the perfect home does not exist. There are many factors that make a home perfect for you such as location, the proximity to neighbors, and the amount of work that needs to be done. The reality is that no home will have absolutely everything you are looking for. It is important to recognize what your priorities are in the home buying process and what things you are willing to compromise on or change once you’ve bought a home.

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