How Pets Affect Your Home Sale
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June 16, 2014


dog house At least 62 percent of American families own a pet. Homes all across the nation are filled with love from our furry friends, but are also filled with their evidence. Animals leave their presence in any home. While this is acceptable most of of the time, it is something that can turn away potential buyers. Take these steps to assure that your pet doesn’t deter your home sale.


1- Remove any damage from pets.

Every pet owner knows that in some way an animal will do something unfavorable to a property. This is not something you want to showcase for your potential buyers. Before you begin showing the house replace any chewed up molding or furniture, eradicate any pet stains on the carpet and fill in any holes dug in the back yard. Make sure your home has no lingering pet damage.

2- Remove any pet odors.

You want potential buyers to look at the beauty of the home, admire its floor plan, and envision themselves cooking dinner in the kitchen. You don’t want  them trying to figure out what funny odor is lingering in the home. Be sure to keep a clean litter box, steam clean carpets and keep a home that is smelling fresh and not like dander.

3- Remove the pets during home showings.

It can be difficult for a buyer to imagine themselves living in your home with your pet roaming around. A potential buyer should be able to hold a conversation with their realtor without the competition of your unruly dog barking in its cage. Removing your pet from the home during showings will allow the buyer to feel comfortable viewing the home and pay more attention to the house and not your furry friend.

While your beloved pet may make your house feel like a home it can be off putting for potential buyers. Be proactive in making your home look its best without the evidence of what Fido may leave behind.

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