How to become an agent?
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January 8, 2021


If you have strong communication skills and have a keen interest in the world that deals with real estate, you are on the right path. You can take it as a career too. Just like other jobs, the job of a real estate agent is also not easy. Different countries have different rules for becoming a real estate agent. Some of the states need a license after passing the exam, and some do not require any license, but you need to have a good amount of information and training to deal with the clients efficiently. If you are interested in taking the challenge, then read through the details on how to become an agent?

Steps to Become a Real estate agent

The top five and most essential steps for how to become an agent are as follows:

  • Meeting of states minimum requirements
  • Enrollment in a real estate licensed school
  • Completion of the coursework that is required
  • Passing the licensing exam
  • Finding a good broker or brokerage firm

Let’s get started.

Meeting of states minimum requirements

If anyone of you wants to know details of how to become an agent? Then it is necessary to understand the working of your own country. In several countries, if you want to become a real estate agent, you need a government-issued license to show the property or buy or sell the properties to the customers.

Before starting your learning process, this is your responsibility to check the minimum requirements that you need to get a real estate license. In many states of the world, the high schools involved in giving the license have requirements that a person should have a diploma and set some specific age limits. So before you apply and start the learning process that leads you to the licensing exam, you should tell the school how much time you will need to attend and complete the course. Then your schedule is set, and you have to complete the course according to this.

Enrollment in real estate licensed school

After you are much familiar with your minimum state requirements, the next step in becoming an agent is to start the learning process related to your coursework as a real estate agent. Many schools are dealing with the real estate license and are good, but you can also enroll yourself in an online school that is also available as we all know that online study is getting so much popular nowadays. So many people are looking towards online enrollment. Through online study, a student will get some space, comfort, and flexibility to learn at their own pace.

All the schools have all the resources that a student needs to pass the exam. As the world changes, we see fluctuations in the real estate market. The same is the case of pricing from one school to another. So it is essential for a person who wants to take this program to consider a school that better fits the requirements and is within the budget.

Completion of coursework

The next step is to complete your course work from the required school to get a real estate license. You know that the course of study is set according to your requirements and state, but you are responsible for regularly taking the classes. Most of the schools offer a class of approximately 90 to 120 hours to complete the course work. During all of your course work, the exams check your knowledge and ability from start to completion.

This course work covers real estate fundamentals, including topics like the types of real estate properties, the escrow process, non-discrimination, honesty, and ethics. In the classes and all the course work, they teach you about the terms of law and regulations that you need in this real estate work, and they also tell you how to show the property to the client, how to deal with them and to negotiate with the clients on the property.

Passing the licensing exam

After completing the required course work, the next step is the passing of the exam for your real estate license. The institute where you study and complete your coursework sends you the final confirmation letter. It mentions that you have completed all your course work, and after that, you will go to an online testing portal and register yourself for the exam under the administration of the state in which you are living. Then according to your ease and availability, select the date, time, and testing center. You have to pay the test fee, which is in the range that is your state government fixes.

You have to carry all the items that you consider important to you during the licensing exam. The duration of this test can be three to five hours.

Finding a good  broker or a brokerage firm

Congratulations! Now that you have successfully passed your exam, you can officially start your real estate career.

The last and final step is to search for a good broker or a firm that will sponsor you as a real estate agent. Some states require you to take this step before you pass your license exam, but you are lucky if your state has not that kind of rule. A good broker or a brokerage firm provides you guidance about many things related to the real estate field.


No work is easy to do, and the same goes in the case of real estate. This work is hard and not easy to deal with. However if you have passion and interest, you will do it. Just follow your heart and take the plunge. A career in real estate is very much rewarding, but you should be honest about it. I hope you will get an idea of becoming an agent and working and dealing with the industry. Contact Aceland Mortgage for expert opinion and guidance.

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