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May 16, 2021


After a long and exhausting moving day, just because you’ve arrived at your new home doesn’t mean you can relax the guard. The ending of the first phase of the moving trip signals the start of the second leg, the immediate post-relocation phase, which is also jam-packed with tasks of all kinds. The great news is that, unlike your pre-move plans, you don’t have a set deadline, and this fact alone allows you to take care of the jobs ahead at your convenience. But before you move in, make sure to change your mailing address so that your daily mail can keep reaching you without interruption. But if you don’t have any idea about how to change the address. Then kindly read this article for detailed information.

Methods to change the address

Since your postal address varies any time you move, you need to update your address with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to continue collecting mail. You can edit the address at least two weeks before moving out or immediately moving into the new house. Changing the address before moving day is the best and preferable way to stop losing valuable mail.

According to your ease, There are four ways to change the address when you move to the new home.

1- Online

2- In-person

3- By a phone

4- By mailing

All these methods for changing the address are listed below. Let’s take a peek at these four choices available for you. In the end, it’s up to you to decide which strategy is right for you. Yeah, you can mark the task as completed so you can focus on other similarly significant tasks.

So here is the address change checklist you all have been waiting for.

1-Change online

The change of address online is surprisingly helpful because it saves you a good amount of cash. It allows you to do it from the privacy of your own house and allow you to do it anytime when you have spare time without having to think about local post office hours.

Steps to change the address online

  • Go to to get the official USPS Change of Address Form.
  • Complete the appropriate fields with correct details.
  • Enter the correct email address to receive a confirmation email from the USPS.
  • The credit card or debit card charges a $1 verification fee.

This is common and standard practice for confirming and safeguarding personal details to avoid any address scams and frauds. Just wait for an email acknowledgment of the address update to ensure that everything went smoothly.

2- Change personally

If the nearest post office is just a short walk away and you have some free time after your relocation, visiting the USPS office in person to complete your change of address task is worthwhile.

Steps to change the address in person

  • Go to the local post office.
  • Request PS Form 3575 from the post office and fill it out straight now on the place.
  • Before the visit, kindly download and fill out the popular change of address form at home.
  • Return to your soon-to-be-old home to finish pre-move arrangements or return to the new home to begin unpacking and putting the life back in order after giving the completed form to the postmaster.
  • The good news is that changing the address at the post office is free, and you cannot be required to verify your name in person.

3- Change by phone

Another method to avoid a ride to the post office is to use this change of address option. Changing the address by the phone is a common alternative to the online COA system, and it may be ideal for you if you aren’t comfortable doing stuff online.

Steps to change the address by phone

  • Dial 1-800-ASK-USPS and listen to the information on the voicemail.
  • Get a credit or debit card nearby because you will have to pay a $1 identity check fee yet again.

4- Change by mail

At last, you have the option that you can print PS Form 3575 at home, fill it in by hand, and send it directly to the USPS. Since the United States Postal Service prefers that you change the address digitally, it’s difficult to access Form 3575. But still, we find the form for you. So please sees the information below.

Steps to change the address by mail

  • Print the USPS Change of Address Form – PS Form 3575 – and fill it out here.
  • To fill out the COA form properly, kindly follow the specific instructions listed at the source.
  • Purchase 1st class stamps and mail the form to the United States Postal Service’s Postmaster.
  • Wait for a transfer validation letter to arrive at your old address.
  • After the approval of the change of address request, you will receive a confirmation letter to the current address within approximately ten days.


The moving professionals and experts tend to believe that changing the address is the best decision after the move is complete and you’ve settled into your new home. To ensure that no mail is missed, leave some money with a friendly neighbor or the new homeowners, renters, and request them to forward the mail to the new address before your post-move COA application comes into effect.

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