How to deal with an Apartment Power Outage?
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April 22, 2021


On a bright sunny day, changing weather conditions have more significance than just clouds. Severe thunderstorms and heavy rains can result in power outages that can last for many hours or even several days. Electricity is an undoubtedly important part of everyday life. Now, what do you do if the power goes out in the apartment? Read this article to know how you can deal with an apartment power outage issue, what items to stock up for your apartment on the next power outage.

Let’s start the article from the list of compulsory items to stock up for the next power outage.

Compulsory items to stock up for apartments next power outage

Do not get stunned if you have a power outage for a longer time. Kindly have the following things now to prepare for the next power outage in your apartment.

Item # 1- Emergency kit

Always have an emergency preparedness kit at the apartment so you can have supplies on hand that may be difficult to get through a power outage. Water, non-perishable foodstuff, portable chargers, torchlights, batteries, radios, and several other items are included in an emergency preparedness kit. According to these guidelines, you also have to ensure that your torch is working correctly and it has enough battery power every 30 days.

Item # 2- Non-electronic entertainment options

Downloading, streaming, and the internet will be unavailable if you are stuck in the apartment for so many days without power. Try to get well prepared and plan for the next apartment’s electricity outage in advance. Start stocking up on board games, puzzles, comics, and other non-electronic gaming options.

Item # 3- Evacuation plan

You may need to evacuate if the apartment’s power outage results from a very extreme storm, like a tornado or hurricane. Create a proper evacuation plan for the rest of the apartment’s residents. Choose a safe place to move in, and find out how to get this place in the case of awful weather.

Item # 4- Non-electronic cooling options

The air conditioners will not work if there is a summer power outage. If you don’t have an air conditioning facility, then now is the time to invest in battery-operated or some other non-electric fans that can help you to stay comfortable and cool. Many other additional air conditioning options are also present on different web portals and in the markets.

Steps to get through the apartment power outage successfully

If you are extremely confident and well prepared for the next apartment power outage, living without electricity can lead to several problems. To easily get through the apartment’s power outage, kindly do take the following steps.

Step # 1- Check the circuit breaker

If you have a power outage in the apartment due to bad weather, take your handy dandy torch and unlock the circuit breakers. Some typical circuit breakers have a series of small windows, at least one of which can turn orange when a switch is tripped. Fortunately, this is a very basic problem that anyone can easily solve. One can restore the power by simply flipping the switch under the orange panel if there is a power outage through the circuit breaker.

Step # 2- Directly report a complaint about the power outage

During a power outage, phone lines may remain operational. Many electricity companies operate call or text lines through which you can report power outages and receive updates on when you should expect your electricity to return. They provide you power outage alerts and provide you with an estimate of when your power will come back. But during larger power outages, some utility companies prioritize restoring power to areas with higher numbers of outages.

Step # 3- Keep close the Refrigerator and Deep freezer

With no power in your apartment, your fridge and freezer can’t stay cool. Keep your refrigerator and freezer closed during a power outage as often as possible. According to the USDA, food in a standard refrigerator stays properly cold for approximately four hours after a power outage. In a full freezer, food stays properly cold for 48 hours, and in a half-full freezer, food stays properly cold for 24 hours. Fridge and freezer are the main concerns why your emergency preparedness kit includes water and non-perishable food.

Step # 4- Stay cool plus calm and identify when to take the action

You can only do the things mentioned above after reporting the power outage to the utility provider to restore the electricity. Always try to maintain your patience by playing board games, cards, and reading books to amuse and distract yourself. If necessary, use the torch to see at night and the battery-powered fans to stay cool.

Keep an eye on the weather outside when you’ve lost power due to a strong storm. If you believe it is essential to evacuate, don’t make a hasty decision. Follow your apartment’s evacuation plan. If your power outage is induced due to a minor thunderstorm that left plenty of sun in its wake, you can go outside. You can also check adverse weather conditions in the forecast. This all is because going out may be the only way to forget about the pressures of an apartment power outage.


Prolonged power outages due to bad weather conditions are scary. Power outages can cause a lot of issues. But with timely dealings, taking effective steps, and staying calm, you can easily get through your apartment power outage. However, if power outages are not due to any natural cause and the apartment has some issues, I suggest looking for a better apartment. In case you have already started looking for one. In that case, you can contact Aceland Mortgage for expert opinion and guidance regarding choosing a better property and how to mortgage it in the best possible way.

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