Ideas to design a Studio Apartment
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April 10, 2021


While living in a studio apartment, maintaining the privacy and avoiding clutter are two big challenges. But wait! small space living is very much possible with a few creative layouts and design hacks, even in the smallest apartment! To set up your studio apartment style, check out the list of ideas to design a studio apartment. These decorating tricks, setup suggestions, and organizational hacks are beneficial for you in many terms.

Let’s find out how.

Ideas to design a studio apartment

Some of the common ideas to design a studio apartment are as follows.

Idea # 1- Paint

Keeping the paint colors light and warm is a smart studio apartment design hack. White, light gray, or beige are clean, crisp colors that can make a small studio apartment seem larger. To add more brightness, one can use gentle curtains and lights like floor and table lamps.

Idea # 2- Mirror

Another simple studio apartment design idea is the usage of big mirrors. No wonder this gives a spacious look to the apartment. Mirrors capture light and make a studio apartment look flexible. The floor plan seems twice as large. You can also create a gallery wall of mirrors or install one wide floor mirror for the same effect.

Idea # 3- Tapestry

As I mentioned in a previous article that living in a studio apartment can be noisy at times.  To avoid the sound, hang bright tapestries on your walls. These tapestries absorb sound and also add a decoration effect to the studio apartment. The dogs barking, booming music, and loudspeakers can also get mute by putting heavy furniture, rugs, and curtains.

Idea # 4-Accent Wall

By now, you know, studio apartment has limited and small space. Thus designing a studio apartment can be a difficult task. To give an extra splash of color to your studio, consider putting an accent wall behind your bed, in the kitchen, or in the living room.  You can also use stick-on decals or trendy wallpaper if your landlord cannot allow you to paint.

Idea # 5- Bedding storage

Because the space is limited in a studio apartment, so look for some creative ideas beyond the box when it comes to storage. Some of the furniture ideas are mentioned below.

  • Use a bed frame with wheels, wooden pallets, or a platform with under-bed storage. This is a perfect way to get rid of heavy things and give your clothes a place to hang properly.
  • For studio apartment residents, Murphy beds are the best space-saving furniture. You can quickly turn your apartment living room during day and night with the option to fold your bed into a storage closet or entertainment center. You can also make a wall bed if you do not like to buy one.

Idea # 6- Curtain

The space of the studio apartment is limited so that you can divide your sleeping and dining areas. This gives the apartment a less dorm room-like feel. To have privacy in your studio apartment, drape a curtain in the front or entirely around your room.

Idea # 7- Furniture

Furniture hack is my most favorite studio apartment design idea. All-in-one furniture sets can help you to conserve space in a studio apartment. Container beds are a good example of this. These beds come with wardrobe space, storage drawers, or under-bed storage. They help to reduce the amount of furniture in your studio apartment layout and also minimize clutter.

In a small studio apartment, bulky furniture can fill up a lot of space. To free up space in your living room, change or swap a big sofa for space-saving furniture like a deck chair. To get secret space, use multi-purpose furniture such as ottomans. Similarly, replace the coffee table with a storage trunk.

Idea # 8- Crates

While designing a studio apartment, do consider wooden crates. The wooden crates are an inexpensive way to improve the look of your studio apartment quickly. Place a good number of them at the edge of your bed for extra protection and storage. You can also replace the Nightstands, end tables, coffee tables, and bookshelves with crates.

Idea # 9- Room Divider

Designing a studio apartment intelligently? Then always opt for a room divider because it is among the main requirement. The glass room dividers are a great option for this. Glass room dividers keep your studio apartment lively, open and maintain privacy. You can also use Pallet walls, repurposed wardrobe doors, chainmail curtains, and other items to make a DIY room divider. These can help to save a good amount of money.

Idea # 10- Bookshelves

Bookshelves are also preferable in the studio apartment. This is because by using few bookshelves, you can establish separation in your studio apartment. You can also use tall bookshelves to separate your living room from your dining room or your living room from your bedroom. Also, use open bookshelves to allow light to flow into the room. This can help to make your apartment feel less claustrophobic.

Idea # 11- Bar Cart

When designing a studio apartment, some people prefer a bar cart. With a bar cart, you can maximize counter and cabinet space in your studio apartment. These mini bar stations are suitable for holding and showcasing glassware, wine bottles, and mixed drinks, as well as hosting visitors in your apartment. You can also make a mini coffee station out of a bar cart.

Idea # 12 – Artwork

The artwork provides a vibrant look to the studio apartment. So while designing a studio apartment, use big pieces of artwork in your studio apartment furniture. This is a convenient way to add color and make your space stand out. For a chic way to conceal clutter, put large art pieces against the wall on the floor or hang them from the front of bookcases.


I completely understand that designing a studio apartment can be a challenging and tricky task. But trust me, with these fabulous design and layout tips, you can create a happy home that you will surely love. By using these ideas, you can also maximize the limited studio apartment space. If you are looking for a good studio apartment and need expert opinion and guidance, contact Aceland Mortgage.

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