Home Tips: Make Small Spaces Look Bigger
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March 8, 2021


No wonder a good real estate agent can help you buy a home according to your requirements. Generally, some people want big houses, and some want small homes.  So if your home has not enough square footage means if it is small, then what a sad Life! Decorating and making a good ample space that feels genuinely suitable for a living can be a very challenging task. The lack often leads to a focus on the practical rather than the beautiful. So in this way, this is less than ideal if you like to design the same as us. Luckily, I have more than enough visual tricks and options to expand your space’s feel and look. Using these tricks and options, your space looks magical. Read on this article to get familiar with the ways that make small spaces look bigger.

Are you people ready to live lavishly?

Top ways to make small spaces look bigger

Some of the common ways are mentioned below.

 Furniture-way to excellence

Choosing some good and well-furnished furniture adds more space to the home.

  • Less is mostly more.

If you choose fewer, larger pieces across a bunch of smaller pieces can make your space feel larger and less cluttered. Just take an example, pick a sectional room rather than the sofa and chairs. This can maximize the small living space of your home.

  • Go higher.

Add bookshelves and cooking cabinets towards the ceiling to make a bigger space. This can make a good fake appearance of larger home space.

  • Sofas with legs

Get sofas and chairs that are with the legs. These kinds of sofas and chairs create a much more open feeling than pieces directly on the floor or skirted base support.

  • Clear thinking

Some of the common translucent materials, including glass and Lucite, always cover up less visual space anywhere in the home. We always like them in the shape of an acrylic or glass table.

Artwork and Mirror

My favorite one! Art is a way to express your feelings.

  • Use mirrors everywhere

Using mirrors everywhere in the home can help to bounce the light all around the space. This can give the space a more spacious feel.

  • Oversizing

If a person wants to make small spaces look bigger, then large-scale art is a perfect idea. The type of artwork provides a bigger feel to any space in your home.

  • Hanging the art high

If your home ceilings are a little taller, then don’t worry! I have a good recommendation! Simply take your gallery wall up to highlight the height. It adds a much bigger feel to space.

 Paint, Curtains, Wallpapers

My mom’s first preference is always this one. What’s your mom’s favorite? A good idea to make the space bigger.

  • Faking with the drapery

Always hang your curtain rod near the ceiling and extend it further than the window. This can make your ceilings look taller and the windows look wider.

  • Paint or wallpaper

A good ceiling attracts your eyes and adds a wonderful color or pattern without losing any space.

  • Maximize the light

The darkness makes rooms look smaller. So try to use the gauzy curtains. They can help to maximize the sunshine.

High-quality rugs and carpets

Now: Rugs and carpets give a feeling of softness and cleanliness—one of my top picks.

  • Pick up the right size

If you pick a too-tiny rug, then it makes space look smaller. So always, choose the right of rugs and carpets to give the room a bigger look and feel.

  • Use light colors

Dark-colored rugs and carpets absorb more light, while the rugs with light tones reflect light. It provides a good and bigger space.

Good Lighting

  • Installation of sconces

In my opinion, the installation of sconces is always a good idea. They add brightness to space without covering up valuable surfaces.

  • Usage of fixtures

In most cases, a low-hanging pendant will make your space feel smaller and more cramped. Always choose a fixture that feels light and attracts your eyes.

  • Flush mounts

If you use flush mounts, then they bring in light from above. This helps to keep the sightlines clear and sharp. So why not use floor lamps? Bringing in floor lamps must be a very good idea. They can add height and combat all the dark corners of any space.


  • Stripe runner

A narrow kitchen can become a wider one if we use a striped runner. A vertically striped wallpaper adds a good sense of height and makes the space much bigger.

  • Small-scale patterns

To establish balance and make the space feel equal to the print’s size, use small-scale patterns.


Colors add life to anything. Just give this way a chance.

  • Always stay neutral

This does not indicate that bright colors can’t fit in small spaces; if that’s your theme, don’t let us interrupt you! Only keep in mind that rooms with busy palettes seem to sound more claustrophobic. At the same time, the rooms with neutral tones have more visual breathing space.

  • Tone-on-tone coloring

Picking the best furniture that is of the same color as the walls is a reasonable option. This helps to fit in properly and minimize the visual space.


Just because it is a small space does not mean you need a sofa, center table, and television only. Good furniture and layouts can also make space feel more open and bigger. They also add an exciting and personal touch. Just go with your choices and pick the best and reasonable things to make small spaces look bigger. If you are looking for a mortgage to get a home with a small space that fits your budget, get expert advice and opinion from Aceland Mortgage today!

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