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March 4, 2013


So, you’re out looking for a mortgage. You’ve heard the advertisements on the radio for this company or that company. They craft their words and marketing message with such precision that they usually sound almost too good to be true…and many times, they are. There’s no “magic” when it comes to getting a loan, there are costs and fees associated with getting a loan and yes, there are way to make those things vary, BUT somehow, someway it’s going to be “baked” in somewhere. As a true brokerage our operation gives you access to multiple companies from our one interface. Dealing with us is like dealing with the All Star Team — you get the best of the best of what’s out there. We are constantly monitoring and engaging with companies on a wholesale level to give you, the client, access to the best of what’s around. So, we encourage you to talk with us and find out how and why we are different and how we can help you achieve your mortgage needs. Call us today 973-638-2466!

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