Moving into new house during Coronavirus
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March 5, 2021


The whole world is under the threat of a deadly pandemic. This novel Coronavirus, which is also called COVID-19 generally has put a full stop to the entire world’s normal daily life activities. Everyone is practicing social distancing and wears masks to avoid this virus. These two things become a course of action of everyday routine. Due to the global pandemic, moves are not the same as they are before. Moving into a new house during coronavirus is difficult nowadays. But sometimes the date of moving is not flexible so moving at this crucial time becomes necessary.

World health organization has provided some of the important tips for moving into a new house during  Coronavirus. To make you stress-free, I am providing you some of the WHO recommended tips in this article. Do check this article for the safe movement during the pandemic.

List of Important tips for moving during the pandemic

You might be thinking if moving into a new home during this pandemic easy? Are moving services still available? You will get the answers to these questions in this article. Some of the common and useful tips for moving are as follows.


For the safety of everybody, this tip is very important. In most cases during this pandemic, major movers which you hire works with you with full dedication. But they set some extra protocols to protect their co-workers. But if you feel any symptoms of the disease in your family members or yourself, then be aware. Kindly isolate yourself or any member who experiences the covid symptoms as early as possible. By doing this, you can protect the movers and other people that are around you. But remember one thing: let them know about the isolation to do possible measures to mitigate the risk.

Similarly, also check if the movers have no such symptoms that need to be taken care of. You could ask the team if any of the members got infected in the previous days. This clears any doubts at both ends.

Hygienic products

During the whole process of moving into a new home, try to maintain hygiene. This hygiene is essential for movers as well as housemates. To help the movers and safety for yourself, provide them with the list of necessary hygiene practices. Try to make sure that movers follow these practices while moving the things into and from the loading truck. Also, please provide them with essential hygiene products. That product includes soaps, sanitizers, and paper towels. Put them near the sink and by the door to use them while entering the home and exiting. But if you have not enough supply of these products then inform the moving company to bring these products along with them.

Packing material

Whenever we take any step, we should also care for our environment. Thus when packing, try to decrease the use of disposable products and single-use plastic. Please do it for the sake of saving the environment and climate.

Now, if you are wondering how to pack everything for your new house during Coronavirus and keeping it all safe? Don’t worry! If you land up in this type of situation, go to your nearest store or visit an online mart. Visiting online mart is much safer during the pandemic. You can buy some recycled stuffings and boxes to keep the hardware safe. But if you buy them in large numbers, then donate the left boxes to people who are also moving. If you have space in your new house, you can even save them up for the next move.

Disinfecting after moving

Generally, when we shift, we don’t worry about germs, viruses, or infections. But now the times have changed. Disinfecting the whole house and stuff is crucial when moving into a new house during the coronavirus pandemic. So for this task, you can do two things. Either hire some professional who can help you disinfect the home or if you have the stamina and time, do it yourself. Professionals help with your home’s internal and external cleaning. In this way, you can save a lot of time. But before appointing the cleaning crew, please give them the recent restrictions list and safety guidelines surrounding the Coronavirus. Advise them to come into your home with the guidelines and precautions. But if you are not comfortable, then the safest option is to do the cleaning by yourself in these difficult times.

Disinfecting yourself isn’t a big deal too. You can purchase any disinfectant from your local store. Remember, you need to clean all the stuff that you have shifted and all the areas of contact in your house. By areas of contact, we need to focus on the places that are accessible by hand and touch them every now and then.

Guidelines by WHO

World Health Organization and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention give guidelines for everyday cleaning and disinfection of homes. Some of the guidelines are as follows.

  • Clean the surfaces that are frequently in use and touched daily. One can touch the number of surfaces in a routine. These surfaces include handles, tables, doorknobs, switches, desks, toiletries, washbasins, kitchen sinks, home and electrical appliances.
  • Always use the certified cleaning agents and EPA-registered disinfectants that are suitable for the surface. But kindly follow the instructions that are present on the label.
  • Be extra careful while using the cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing products. Follow the safety guidelines present on the packing of these products.

Necessary Precautions

Here are a few precautions and tips that you should take care of:

  • Do not ever mix ammonia and bleach.
  • Do not mix any other cleaner with ammonia or bleach.
  • Use protective gear and wear rubber gloves.
  • Some of the disinfectants and cleaning agents have a pungent smell. Open the windows and doors of the whole home while using these products. This increases the ventilation, and fresh air enters the house. This also decreases the reactions and suffocation.


Be positive and give yourself some extra time and care in times of pandemic. Set your daily routine and wake up early in the morning. If you feel down any day, just think about the front-line workers working day and night to keep us safe. Moving into a new house during Coronavirus is difficult and risks safety. However, life cannot and should not stop. Thus many of us have no option but to do the relocation during these times. Keep note of the tips that we have shared as they will help you while moving in this pandemic if you are looking for a house in this pandemic but don’t want to spend time searching for one. Contact Aceland mortgage experts to help you get your desired home. However, if moving is not compulsory and there is some flexibility, then be safe and wait until the virus has gone from our lives.

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