Preparing for home inspection
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February 16, 2021


How to prepare for home inspection

Now: Your house is on the market list, you find a potential buyer, and finalize a buying price. Your house’s selling is almost a done deal, but preparing for a home inspection is important. If you are a seller, during the inspection process, it is normal to become anxious. If a customer needs all the things mentioned above in an emergency, you will not want to go through the dealing process. And nor will you want to keep the expense and maintenance pressure. No wonder, you already do several things when it comes to preparing for home inspection. In this article, you will get some good and reasonable tips to prepare a home for inspection.

Without wasting much time, do check out the list.

Home inspection Preparation Tips

Some of the most common and popular tips when preparing for home inspection are as follows.

Checking the doors

Take a walk around your home and test every door and make sure it is functioning. The inside and the outside doors will tightly clamp into the frame without problems. The door sticks will be in place, and all locks will work properly, especially on doors leading outside. Often cold or heat will generally twist practical doors and create difficulty. So in those conditions, make sure you check all doors, even those you do not always use.

Checking on the open-access area

Always make sure the home inspector will view the whole property easily. If they cannot get to the area, they will not inspect that zone, and it will be a red flag for customers. Remove all clutter that prevents access to areas or systems. The major area includes basements, shelves, furnace rooms, and sinks. These are the major areas that an inspector will consider.

Clearing the perimeter

The home inspector will look at the outside of the home, including the sideboards and caulking around doors and windows. They inspect the internal functioning of your home as well. Not to mention you have to keep the areas around the house clean due to plant growth, garbage cans, and storage objects. This will give the house area an unimpaired look.

Checking out the roof

When you look at your home’s roof the last time? It’s been a while for many sellers. But the roof is a big part of the home inspection, so you never forget it in your planning. Bring a ladder, sweep the moss and garbage out from the gutters. Then look for broken or damaged sculptures or tiles. Always make sure that the drainage pipes are in the right place. If you notice damage to the roof, you will immediately get it repair before the home inspection.

Cleanliness of home

If you have been pass through the process of selling your home, you definitely know how to keep it clean and tidy. Resist the opportunity to allow things to be built after an acceptable offer and keep the inspector’s home clean. Cleanliness matters a lot. If a home inspector finds the area or property dirty or messy, he becomes suspicious about the area. He thinks that the area is not under proper care.

Replacement of bulbs

A blown lamp shows a home inspector two things.

  • Either the bulb itself is out.
  • The cord or the wire is very defective.

The home inspector either will have to spend time to decide whether an attachment is inoperative. They will also only notice there is a potential flaw without checking into it. You will avoid both two options by ensuring that all the bulbs function properly.

Making sure your toilets are operational

Is it long after you flush that the toilet runs? It is an everyday issue which you will neglect. Ahh! But you do not want to see the home inspector coming up with this issue. Running toilets will also fix comfortably and cheaply. In simple words, you will take care of the problem by yourself. Just take on a ride to the hardware store.

Putting a new furnace return filter

The Routine replacement of the furnace filters for air quality and your heating system’s overall functioning is necessary. Rather than causing the inspector to worry about your home heating and the air, clean the current filter or replace it. Always show that this is something that you are paying attention to.

Turning on all pilot lights

The pilot light is probably always in the water heater. But what about the fireplace pilot light? In warmer months, many homeowners turn off a fireplace. So at this time, it is important to cross-check that both the pilot light and fireplace are working before the inspection. If you will turn off the pilot light of your fireplace, it is indeed time to do this again.

Labeling of fuse box properly

For homeowners and home inspectors both, the confusing fuse box is annoying. Double-check that every switch in the package is clearly and accurately labeled. Replace all the wrong or hard-to-read labels.

Repairing the faulty cabinets

The cabinet hinges will get a little loose, which does not seal properly inside. They are also sometimes not smoothly fix with the frame. Typically, if you have a cabinet, you will easily repair it by fixing the hinge with the screwdriver.

Taking care of all bug problems

Many of us have to deal with a wandering ant or a spider sometimes, especially at warmer temperatures. However, you will have to fix these issues before review and inspection. It is because you have a wasp nest in the backyard or have axe lines frequently in your kitchen and other interior spaces. Most bug issues are not a big deal, but customers will have to turn them off.


You might have done everything you need to do by the day of the home inspection. Preparing for home inspection is not difficult. Now, please make sure it will go as well as possible. Take a deep breath at that point. The bulk of consumers do not demand perfection. They only want to know that not heavy burdens are present in their wait. It is indeed effortless and common for a home inspector to spot any small problem. But most of the time, you probably find yourself alone if something is severe. For expert opinion and guidance, contact Aceland Mortgage.

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