Features of a Profitable Rental Property
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February 14, 2021


A rental property will be a perfect choice for you if you plan some long-term investment in real estate. Investment in rental property is an immensely profitable form of investment. We will suggest the top features of a profitable rental property that will guarantee stability and excellent returns. Investors who are interested to invest in rental properties will evaluate the viability of land first.  There will be the only way to determine if a given property is potentially viable, by testing. If the given property matches the requirements for a profitable rental property then it is viable.


Investment in rental property continues to grow fastly all over the world. As an investment option, it ensures you a smooth return on the investment more often than not. This along maintains a very powerful hedge of security around the financial future. You will proceed with caution when deciding to purchase a rental property. Features will help you to reduce common risks while buying a rental property. Although a profitable sector, real estate is still a very complicated one.

Features of a Profitable Rental Property

Some of the most common and top features of a profitable rental property are as follows.

Property Worth and Money

First of all, real estate owners will be satisfied that the rental property that they buy is financially valuable. You will receive an annual gross rent of at least 12percent of the selling price for any suitable rental property. The monthly rent that you charge will be a minimum of 1 percent of the home’s value. It is one of the essential features found by experienced real estate buyers for valuable rental property. Besides, you will hire a financial advisor to assist you in evaluating the capital value. This will also give you a better idea that the property is worth it or not.

Area of Potential Customers

It’s the only option for a rental property owner to find tenants. This is the only tool to boost profit from the properties in which they are investing. The amount of revenue you earn from a rental property is directly related to the location in which it is situated. Higher rental areas will give you more income than those who have less rent. Similarly, areas with a more extensive customer base will also give you more. It needs to be noted that you will generate more income from the latter one.

Low Vacancy Rate Area

Due to violence or any other reasons, many vacancies will indicate that area is not attractive and unsecured. Exploring the area with a local real estate agent will provide you information on the community’s protection. This will also explain why rental homes are abundant. This is now the feature that you will always keep in your mind for buying a profitable rental property.

Safe and sound Neighborhood

In terms of investing in rental property, safety and security are the main critical features. No one intentionally chooses to live in an unhealthy neighborhood where high rates of crime or robbery exist. In reality, it is impossible that your rental investment firm survives in high risk and crime-infested area. The one main features of a rental property that are profitable is that it will be in a very secure neighborhood. Areas with high crime rates are places that will be avoided while looking to buy a rental home.

Thus, while buying a home, pick a good neighborhood with sufficient protection. Always check street lights, police patrol activity, accessibility to offices of cops, records of crime data, and others.

Presence of High rated schools

It is one of the standards and useful features of a profitable rental property. One of the main features of a rental property’s future viability is the presence of high-rated schools. The existence of educational institutions influences significantly whether or not tenants will like to live in one area. It is all parents’ dream to provide good quality education to their children to encourage them forward in life. Besides that, parents will still choose not to live in places that lack public schools and educational centers. There will be good basic requirements in the area for primary, middle, and high schools.

You will easily review all the educational institutions’ ratings in your area through the school quality data. Always remain cautious about choosing a size with the best quality schools and learning skills.

Existence of social and physical facilities

Investment in rental properties always relies on places or area which has sufficient facilities. Tenants want to be financially successful. They also wish to all the facilities that they need at all times. Shopping malls, gyms, healthcare facilities, hotels, and restaurants are included in all this. Some services like telephone, water, electricity, and the internet are also present in their essentials. Tenants enter your house if the good feature of a valuable rental property will be efficiently accessible by all these facilities.

Proper Sanitation

Without thinking about sanitation, you will not even talk about the features of a profitable rental property. It is the need of the rental property you want to purchase to be in an area with proper sanitation. Landlords try to stay away from areas where sanitation and hygiene are the main requirements. Imagine this; no one will like to live in an environment where flies migrate in and out. The people also do not prefer the areas where drains remain uncovered or where a poor drainage system is available.

Always try to pick a property with appropriate sanitation. Look for waste management, toilet and sanitation, water systems, drainage and sewerage, and disposal of wastewater, respectively. If the home and area are clean, you will make a big amount of money.

Climate Favourbility

Climate also plays a vital role in the success of a company investing in profitable rental property. Properties in areas with bad weather typically fail to capture buyers. It is also important that you select a place for the property with the right climate condition. Try to avoid areas that seem to have severe and unpleasant weather, in line with choosing the right climate. Often, avoid flood-prone and fire risk areas.


Sometimes it will become a profitable investment or a financial disaster if we invest in a rental property. It all depends upon your choice. Before investing the money in some real estate property, take your time. Carefully review to make sure it is worthy. You will go to the property transaction on your own or include a realtor, depends entirely on the condition. You will achieve success by minimizing risk and optimizing performance by studying top real estate growth opportunities. If you want expert opinion and guidance, contact Aceland Mortgage.

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