Renovations to increase home value
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January 26, 2021


If you are interested in selling your home, you have to think about it from a buyer’s perspective. You may move through bedrooms, kitchen, lounge space and think about all the good times you have spent at home, but it will not be the same from the potential buyer’s viewpoint. They looked at the home more seriously. You will have to keep all the memories on one side and think about the property in some rightful sense to sell easily at a good price.  If you want a good price, then a great way to do that is to invest the money in home improvement and renovation to increase home value.

Just take some time and check out this article to find the best renovations to increase home value.

Renovations to increase home value

In contrast to aesthetic changes that are good to have, you will also select the renovations that potential customers may like or need. Some of the common and potential renovations to increase home value are as follows.

  1. Replacement of the Roof
  2. New Installation or Refinishing the Hardwood Floors
  3. Sprucing up the Kitchen
  4. Boosting the Aesthetic of Bathroom
  5. Upgrading the old home appliances
  6. Addition of a Deck

Replacement of the Roof

If you invest in the rooftop, it will offer a significant return by putting on a new roof. The rooftop is considered the biggest priority for customers because the roof is one of the most critical elements of a home. If a rooftop is poor, then it will be a significant breaker of a deal. But when it comes to a poorly maintained or unstable roof, you have two solutions. You will prefer not to replace it, sell the house as it is, and understand that you will get a lower selling price. By replacing the roof, you will increase the home’s value and make the property more attractive for the clients.

 New Installation or Refinishing the Hardwood Floor

The cost of installing or refinishing hardwood floors depends on the type of wood used, the size of the flooded area, and the cost of labor involved. According to some states survey, the ROI for newly installed hardwood floors is good. If you have not replaced your carpet has not been replaced in many years or your floors are scuffed, then before selling, invest the money on them. Customers notice the home floors and fresh or refinished floors because they add the home’s wow factor.

Sprucing up the Kitchen

In the past few years, there is an increase in the investment in kitchen renovations. The cost of renovating a kitchen will probably be in triple digits, so you do not need to add all the new types of equipment or install the whole space to give your kitchen a fancy facelift. All the expenses depend on what you are choosing, like mid-range or stylish updated things. Still, many cheap kitchen renovations can increase the value of the home, and those renovations you will do pretty fast and efficiently.

Boosting the Aesthetic of Bathroom

If you would like to give the bathroom a substantially upgraded look, concentrate on high-value bathroom additions and pieces of equipment that will affect customers. You will renovate the bathroom by spending a small amount of money. The renovation also involves the insurance that the plumbing and electricity are in great condition and that key characteristics will be aesthetically appealing and highly functional.

So if you have interest in bathroom renovations, you will do that on a very small budget by reglazing the tub and bringing in some fresh stencil to give it a fresher appearance. The wapping out of the shower doors gives a more trendy look to the bathroom, adds new life to the whole space, and makes it more attractive to a potential buyer.

Upgrading the old home appliances

You will also renovate your home to boost the value by using the idea to take out stock of your current appliances and replace them with new technologies. So for example, If the oven and fridge of the home are old enough or you will say that they are with you from the 90s, then without any second doubt it’s a brilliant time to consider the idea and upgrade them because outdated appliances will turn off the buyers. On completely fresh, newly design models, you will not have to pay a lot of money. You will also check out second-hand appliance retailers and online directories to search for offers. Aim for energy-efficient options to boost the competitiveness of your house in the market.

Addition of a Deck

You will also increase the home value by adding a deck. The cost of constructing a deck depends on its high and large and what type of materials we use. The prices will range according to the square foot. If you already have a deck in the home, it only needs some strengthening, repairing, or a new finish with some pleasant hues. The investment gain could be even higher because the costs are smaller to turn the room into a household standout.

It is always nice if you have decks and porches in the home to make customers picture their futures in the home. It makes the house more beautiful and attractive because they can see themselves relaxing or enjoying the environment.


The main question always arises that is the home renovation will be worth it? Don’t you worry at all! Like bigger ones, all the home renovations, such as the replacement of a rooftop or the addition of a stylish deck, all require a large financial investment and proper commitment. But if you are damn serious about getting a good price for a home or want to enjoy your personal space, then I must say that the renovation will undoubtedly pay off and boost the value in the distant future.

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