Rodent proofing your home for winters
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May 2, 2021


Whenever the temperature decreases, rodents begin to look for food and shelter to live. In the meantime, they start invading homes, searching for warm places to hide, ensuring that they have enough food to last.  Rodents infest your housing space. So if you hear scraping noise from the windows, witness gnaw-marks, or find scratched or damaged food products, then without any doubt believe the fact that it is all done by rodents. Seek advice from a pest control service in the United States of America for rodent control if you find yourself in this situation. So if you do not want to contact the services and want to deal with this problem, do not worry. Read this article in which I have mentioned a list of rodent-proofing your home for winters.

Steps for rodent proofing for winters

There are so many ways that you can follow to control the rodents, but some of the common and top steps for rodent proofing are as follows. By following these ways, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of rodents entering your home.

  • Sealing of all the possible entry points such as holes, cracks, and gaps
  • Clean the home properly every day
  • Weatherstrip the home doors
  • Remove all the clutter
  • Use different types of traps
  • Do not ever place the foodstuff and water open
  • Try to bring a cat into the home
  • Use poisoned baits or repellents

Let’s start the article with the very first one.

Sealing all the possible entry points 

For rodent proofing, make sure you seal all holes, cracks, and openings. Rats and mice, in particular, have thin skulls and flexible backbones that allow them to fit into gaps as small as 6 mm in diameter. They can go into tiny openings and then seal any holes wider than a quarter-inch. If the contract allows, you can use wire mesh or steel wool to fill the holes in the walls. Climbing and getting into odd places are also major skills that rodents have. You have to seal all openings larger than a quarter-inch connected to an air conditioning unit. Besides that, repairing tears or cracks in the door and window screens can minimize the likelihood of rats climbing via windows. If the home contains a chimney, you also have to cover the outside entrance with a cap.

Proper cleaning

If you want to do rodent proofing for your house, clean the home properly daily. By doing this, you can significantly reduce the chances of rodents invading the home. This is an evident fact that the clean home has less hiding areas for rodents, and it can also stop rodents from being attracted to food scraps.

Weatherstrip home doors

To keep rodents and other pests out of the home, purchase a door draft stopper. You can also make your own DIY door seal bar compared to durable and reliable aluminum or stainless steel door sweeps and tension seals. Like felt and rubber, any weatherstripping fabrics are simple and easy to install. The latter both are much more difficult to install. Sweeps or draft stoppers must be put on several doors in the home, regardless of the material.

Remove all the clutter

While rodent proofing for winters, make sure to remove all the clutter from home. Getting rid of clutter can help to keep pesky rodents far away from home. Rodents can make homes and breed in messy, abandoned areas. For decluttering the house, kindly decide the things you want to get rid of, then donate, recycle, or sell them.

Using different traps

The best and the easiest step for rodent proofing is the use of traps. There are a large number of traps that are available online and in the markets to control rodents. Some of the basic and most commonly used are the two of them. The first common and used in every home in the United States is snap traps. The second one and the most popular one is electronic traps.

Placement of food

If you have a warm home during winters and place uncovered food or water at home, these two are the easiest ways of attracting rats. To keep rodents from smelling, eating, and drinking the food and water, kindly place these things in the refrigerator or food storage containers. Furthermore, properly stored food decreases the possibility of rodents transmitting their germs into the foodstuff and water.

Bringing a cat

Cats are considered as the enemies of rodents. The cats are super adorable and fluffy pets but can kill rodents and mice. They can quickly trace and kill annoying pests and mice. You can simply solve the rodent problem by bringing a cat home from a nearby local shelter. This is one of my favorite ways to keep the rodents out of the home.

Poisoned baits or repellents

You may also use repellents to prevent rats from causing damage to your home. They are also considered one of the best ways to control rodents in winters. The market has several different repellents and poisoned baits. But before using poisoned bait, kindly make sure that you take all necessary safety precautions to keep the children and pets safe.


If rodents have infested your home in the USA during the winter, you have to eliminate these dangerous pests quickly. In my opinion, for rodent control, contacting a pest control provider is the best option. But wait! If you are unable to do so, then you can use any one of the eight easy ways that are mentioned above to eliminate the rodents by yourself.  Even then, if you are unable to get rid of them, you can seek help from expert rodent killers

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