Real Estate Staging Mistakes to Avoid
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August 15, 2014



Staging is a crucial part of the real estate sales process. Be sure that you are very thorough with your staging and focus on the entire home. Take heed to the tips below to allow yourself to earn top dollar on your real estate sale.

Lifestyle Specific Staging

Do not alienate buyers by assuming you know what type of family will be interested in your home. The staging should be neutral enough that a young family, a single bachelor, or a couple of empty nesters can all envision themselves living happily in the home.


Staging Indoors Only

All too often people put all of their staging efforts on the interior of the home and neglect the outdoors all together. Be sure to have clean and welcoming curb appeal as potential buyers come up to the property. In the backyard create an inviting environment that will allow homebuyers to envision summer cookouts and Saturday mornings out back with their coffee.

Leaving Out Utility Areas

Yes it is important to make all of the living areas in the home appealing. But it is just as important to focus your staging efforts on the basement, garage, attic space or utility rooms. Cluttered maintenance and utility areas will not allow buyers to see the storage potential the home has. Furthermore, if these areas look haphazard and chaotic then buyers will begin to question the maintenance of the home over time.

Forgetting to Eliminate Odors

Often people only think about the visual aspects of staging a home, but the smell of the home is equally if not more important. Buyer know that the pretty console table and mirror will be gone before they move in, but they know they’ll be left with whatever smell is lurking around. No one wants to buy a house that smells like cigarettes, mildew or pets. Even if perspective buyers like the home’s layout they will feel that it is unclean and simply forego putting in an offer.

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