Creating a good study space at home
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March 22, 2021


As you all know that the world is suffering from a deadly pandemic. This pandemic puts everything on hold in the whole world. Due to lockdown, schools and universities are also taking online classes. While attending the online classes, you have to put in the full enthusiasm and hard work. But before taking the online classes, you need to create the right kind of atmosphere for study. Here are some tips for creating a good study space at home.

List of tips for good study space at home

Setting up study space at home is quite a fun thing. You can create this space according to your need and availability. The list of important tips for setting a good study space is mentioned below.

Tip#1- Furniture

The first step to create a study space at home is setting up some good furniture. For this purpose, try to choose an ergonomic desk and its height between your waist and ribcage. Then pick the chair which is according to the height of the desk. Rest your feet on the floor and your laptop on the desk while taking online classes.

Tip#2- Lighting

If a study room has not enough lighting, it can make you feel sleepy, and you get straining on your eyes. So always ensure that your study space will be properly lit and the screen gap of the laptop or desktop is comfortable for your eyes. The study room’s lighting can get better if you put on a larger lamp or overhead light. You can also use a desk lamp for light purpose. If you want some natural light while studying, then set up the study space near the window. But kindly do not get distracted from the window view while studying.

Tip#3-Study Materials

study space at home Before setting up a study space at home, always be sure that you have enough study materials. Put all the essential supplies like pens, paper, sticky notes, notebooks, books, etc., in a chosen area on your desk or drawer. One more thing, kindly try to make sure that your laptop charger is placed near to your study desk while studying. So in this way, you feel no worry about the battery runoff.


If you want a clean and efficient study space, ensure that all your essential accessories are present at their specific places on the desk. Your desktop is also present in an effective environment. Everything in your use while studying is appropriately labelled, particularly the computer files and the printed pieces.

Tip#5- Calendar

While setting up a study space at home, you also need to hang a nice and detailed calendar. The calendar helps you keep yourself up to date and you can easily look up to the task you need to do next.

Tip#6- Clock

Time management is a vital skill that you need to implement in your daily life, not only studying. If you are taking online classes, then time management is an important factor. For the management of time, you need a beautiful desk or wall clock in your study space. A clock can serve as a tool of motivation for you. The clock provides you with some simple means that help you to stay focused.

Tip#7- Detachment of SmartPhone

I completely understand that in today’s times, the detachment from smartphones is quite unrealistic. But if you detach your phone from yourself while studying, you can focus on your work with complete dedication. So while studying, kindly turn off your phones and do not turn them off. Please put them on aeroplane mode in your designated study time. And, during your study time trying to leave social media on one side. After studying, you can use your phone and easily share your success story and views on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Tip#8- Noise Reduction

Always create the study space at home according to your requirements. Sometimes you want some background music while studying because it can help you to enjoy your study. But the most important thing you have to make sure before setting the study space is that the background noise is only your chosen noise like music or radio. The other noise coming from traffic, television, and neighbours can cause a bad distraction for you. Try to reduce these things as much as you can.

Tip#9- Only Study

Always ensure that the study space that you make in your home is only used for studying purposes. This is very important because your physical and mental presence in the study space shows your dedication and focus towards your degree. If you cannot create the study space at some fixed and large home area, in any case, transform any small corner of the home as the study area. Try to manage and clean this area whenever you find an appropriate time before studying.


Be sure that your study space can be comfortable for you and easily concentrate on your work. So give your study space some of your personal touches. Remember that the study space is your space, and this space has to reflect your personality. Try to decorate the study room with some of your favourite inspirational pictures and use some scented candles for relaxation. You can also experiment with some of the DIY options in your study space. The decoration and personalization of study space can increase your focus and boost the senses to achieve your ambition.


I hope you get some top tips to create an efficient study space in your home. I understand that studying online requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and discipline. But believe me, you can get several benefits if you set up your study space at home for online classes, especially in this pandemic period. Kindly follow these tips and make sure that your study space becomes the place where you can see the real dreams and focus on them to make them a reality. If you want expert guidance and help regarding your mortgage, contact Aceland Mortgage. I pray and wish you all the best for your online study journey.

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