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March 12, 2021


Buying a dream home with a mortgage is difficult, but styling a home is exciting. So when you buy a home, you always want to style it according to your taste. Your styling taste may be traditional, modern, warm, formal, or bold. The living room is the popular area of the home where you want to spend time with family and friends. But always style a living room in such a way where you feel peaceful and comfortable. There is a special art that involves styling a living room that may work in your favor. Before you start work with your expert, read this article to get some ideas to style the living room.

Top ideas for styling a living room

For styling, you do not have to follow any hard rules. But before styling a living room, always keep in mind that comfort and day-to-day functioning are the priorities. Some of my favorite styling ideas for the living room are mentioned below.

Idea#1- Paint

I am a true believer in the fact that color affects mood. While thinking about the living room’s paint, most people go with neutral or bold color schemes. A neutral color scheme gives a sense of calmness, and a bold color scheme provides optimism and curiosity. But let me tell you one thing always be careful of going with either one of them.  I will give you an example about this. If you go with a bold color scheme, then pick neutral accessories and items. In the same way, you can easily swap out all these things when you choose the neutral color scheme.

Idea#2 – Wallpaper

In my opinion, wallpapers add personality and a subtle look to a living room. If you ask any interior designer, he will surely recommend wallpapers. They come up with many eye-catching, sober, and traditional designs. The extensive range of wallpaper helps to freshen up the living space. It also provides a versatile look to the living room according to your desire.

Idea#3 – Curtains

Styling a living room I personally love curtains because they provide a finished and luxurious look to a living room. They are decoration in themselves. Most of the time in a day, you keep them open to bring sunlight into the living room. But they also help to maintain privacy. The curtains provide shape to the windows and emphasize the height of the living room. If you visit a market, you can get many fabric options and understand it is very confusing to pick the right one.  You can also add sheers that act as a background and brighten up the rest of the room.

Idea#4 – Bookshelf

According to a famous quote, “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” I love books and totally a bookworm. Are you guys a bookworm like me? If “yes,” then I am pretty sure you like to have a bookshelf in your living room. It maximizes the space and serves as a great place to show off the photo frames and trophies. Inserting a bookshelf in the living room is a great way to display the books you have read and plan to read in the future. By doing this, you can also inspire more people to read.

Idea#5 – Indoor Plants

When I was styling up my living room, indoor plants were my very first pick. Indoor plants always provide a refreshing, warm, and welcoming feel to the living room. The researches show that they are good for mental health, physical health, boosting mood and reducing stress. To be very honest with you all, we all want a stress-free environment. According to a NASA study, indoor plants can cut several air pollutants. But keeping indoor plants also requires care. Some of the plants are light-sensitive, and some prefer bright light. So plants that grow in sunlight need to be kept near a window to receive enough light. If your living room doesn’t have good sunlight, then buy a LED light for plants. However, the indoor plants that are light-sensitive need to be kept in the shade.

Idea#6 – Furniture

Styling a living room From trending to classic furniture schemes, there are several ideas available that can suit your style. Ahh! Deciding furniture for a living room is a big task, which is a universal truth. The furniture represents the beauty of the whole living space. The decision of seating options for the living room is a crucial phase. If you get a big sofa or armchair and your space is small, be careful because it is not a good idea. You may block the walking pathway and occupy a larger space. Always decide the coffee table, sofas, and armchairs according to the living room space and color scheme. The living room color scheme greatly influences the furniture, as I mentioned in the paint section above.

Idea#7 – Rugs

After settling on the furniture now, it’s time to decide about the floor. The rugs are the most trending thing nowadays. They play an important role in the styling of the living room. Rugs provide a good covering for the floor and set an excellent style statement. But wait a minute! Do you guys know that choosing the right rug for the floor is an overwhelming experience in itself? Many cues are involved. Some people prefer natural materials, like sisal fiber or jute, and some go with bold patterns. Turkish rugs are preferable because of their material and long-lasting qualities.

Idea#8 – Lights

As we all are well familiar, the living room serves as the largest hub for many daily social and formal activities. So the living room has perfect lighting. Good lighting in the living room creates a balance and pleasing atmosphere. Several lighting options for the living room are available in the market, like chandeliers, wall light fixtures, tables, floor lamps, etc. Go and pick according to your taste and living room space.


I hope you get some good ideas before you start styling up your living room. The styling is easy, but it also comes with some risks, like buying a dream home from a real estate market. Making a good decision at the right time can help to overcome these risks and surely makes your living space a happy place. If you are looking for a mortgage for your dream home and require expert guidance, contact Aceland Mortgage today and start decorating the house of your dreams.

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