Tips for buying a short sale property
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February 1, 2021


Buyers who follow short sales property, always strongly believe that they will have an offer of a decent price. So for this purpose, ask the real estate agent to contact the sales agent. Thereby to figure out if the house in which you are interested in a short sale is expensive or cheap. Before jumping on a property you see advertisement for a price you think is too cheap. So you may want to think carefully about making offers on a pre-foreclosure, short sale property. It is not as easy as you are thinking. In approximately 30 days or less than these, very few will near. In this article, you will get some useful tips to buy a short sale property.

Short Sale

A strong short sale is prepared to consider a reduced payoff to redeem the current mortgage for the borrower’s real estate lender.

  • A property is classified with short selling terms will not mean that the seller agrees on it. The lender will accept your bid. That is all because a short sale allows buyers to apply.
  • If the real estate agent with which the buyer is associated sells few short sales, that means this is the “buyer’s red flag.”


Be careful that before a real estate lender accepts a short sale offer, the seller mustn’t be in default condition; a lender will accept it if the seller is new, but the value has dropped. The seller will be owed more than the home value, so a negotiated deal will put the price in line with and not below the real estate market value.

The hiring of an Agent that has short sale experience

If the listing agent has never made a short sale, this will be scary, and it is significantly worse if the agent has no background in that specific real estate area. You need an experienced short sales agent who will predict the expected risks, avoid the risk of complications, speed up the process, and secure the interests. Because of inexperience, you do not want to skip any major information or figure out that your deal will not close because no one cared to follow up on time.

You need to check the Public Records

Before buying of short sale property and presenting a proposal, do all the essential homework. When a foreclosure notice is received, and you find out that how much is due to the seller, the attorney will figure out who is in the title. This all is very important because it will allow you to decide how much you have to give. You may face some problems if there are 2 loans. If the second lender is not interested in foreclosing in some cases, then the first mortgage lender status is secured by the second lender.

Submission of Documents and Purchase offer to real estate lender

The listing agent will give it to the lender for acceptance until the buyer has approved the proposal; you do not have an offer until the lender approves it. The lender will want a copy of all cash deposits and evidence of assets and will want to see if your loan is pre-approved, so give the lender a new pre-approval letter dated in between the last 30 days. If the listing agent sends a list of comparative transactions supporting the amount you are willing to pay for the house, it will help.

Qualifying the Seller and Property

If the seller has no equity involved and is willing to repay the difference between both the purchase price and the current debt, an investor will be unable to commit to a short sale. Sellers would have to supply the seller with a distress letter and withhold taxes on the amount of debt that is forgiven. It is unfair for a seller to ask buyers to pay them for the right given to purchase the property of the seller. All the sellers who propose this method should not attract them. The seller usually gets no money in a short sale when the lender is going bankrupt.

Reserve the right to do home inspections

The customer must receive a home inspection. Before deciding to buy a short sale home, make sure to reserve your right to one. Tips for buying a short sale property also includes that the lender would not authorize a buyer to pay for traditional products that will be charged by a traditional seller, like some home security plans, inspections of the roof, insect, termites, and pest completions. A customer would be asked to buy the “as is” house, which means no maintenance or repair.

Understanding Commissions related to Short Sale

The seller does not keep all of the funds but pays the fee from the selling profits. The lender is the party authorizing the commission, unaware of the commission the buyer has agreed to pay. The mortgage borrower would directly discuss the commission with the listing real estate broker, who will then exchange the agent’s commission. Ask if the seller can waive the difference due if you have signed a buyer’s broker deal with your company, or you will have to settle it out on the own. Any brokers believe that penalizing the agent is unreasonable, but the lender calls the shots.


Make the decision wisely before buying a short sale property. The buyer would not have the full decision, whether or not to consider a proposal in a short sale. Instead, the seller must approve it and then go to the bank, where some other approval criteria are also required. This acceptance process will take several months to process and complete. Sadly, there is also a possibility that, even after months, the proposal will eventually be rejected.

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