Tips to Find a Roommate in Covid-19 Times
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May 5, 2021


Due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, several colleges, universities, and workplaces in the United States are improving on-campus or work accommodation for students and employees. As you make changes, you now have to find a new place to live other than company accommodation or off-campus. So to split the expense with a few others, it’s time to search for a roommate or two. Looking for potential roommates in this situation can be difficult, so I have gathered some tips to find a roommate in Covid-19 times. These tips help make the whole searching process very easy and stress-free, and you will get the ideal living condition in no time.

Tips to Find a Roommate In Covid-19 Times

Many of us always heard too many horror stories about roommates, and let’s admit it: if seeking roommates was free, then there aren’t too many weird reality TV shows about people forced to live together! The benefits are countless. Choosing someone with whom you share a living arrangement can lead to the formation of some of the closest friends for a lifetime. So if you want a good roommate in Covid times, follow the tips. Some of the common tips mentioned below:

  • Make a “no-no” list of roommates
  • Search online for a good roommate
  • Make preparations for an interview with the roommate
  • Consider signing a roommate contract

Let’s start the article with the first one, making a list.

Tip # 1- Make a “no-no” list of roommates

It is really important to keep in mind that you are looking for a perfect roommate in Covid times. So while deciding who else to share your space with you for the whole single year, it’s much more important to make a list of “no-nos.” This list helps you avoid future conflict. Think of situations that make or breaks your friendship with a potential roommate rather than minor details.

  • Can you have severe asthma that gets worse by cigarettes and smoke residue? So add a ban on Tobacco use to the “no-nos” list.
  • If you have a job that requires you to get up early in the morning and need total silence in the evenings? Then Late-night socializing is an absolute no-no. So add it to the list.
  • Do you choose to bring the pet to work this year? Allergies of pets are on the “no-no” list.

It gets easier to pick out roommates who will not be a good fit right away if you are straightforward about these non-negotiable aspects of your lifestyle.

Tip # 2- Search online for a good roommate

It’s much more important than ever to use online tools and services to search for a roommate. Here are a few of my top recommended internet roommate finder sites, mostly used in the United States: helps build a profile free of cost, but you must pay for a complete account to read comments and messages from many other users. For, the pricing criteria are a bit different. A 3-day trial can set you back $5.99, a 30-day subscription can set you back $19.99, and a 60-day period can set you back $29.99. one thing to note is that only because you pay for an account does not mean you can message possible roommates to and fro. For reading your posts and messages, they must have to pay bills.


Craigslist is the most obvious option. It is tough to match the world’s biggest online classified section when choosing a roommate. When looking for a roommate on Craigslist, the most crucial thing to remember is to do your homework. Before signing any papers, it is just a smart idea to speak with any prospective roommate in person, especially once. And if it’s your first time meeting someone in person, you may also want to take a friend with you if, in some cases, things go wrong. Also, keep in mind that Craigslist has several scams, so be careful. Never lend or send money to someone until you are sure they are genuine. If you’re renting for the first time, don’t hesitate to get renters insurance. If your personal belongings are lost or damaged, they can be a lifesaver for you in such situations.


PadMapper’s is free, map-based software that makes it simple to search apartments in a specific neighborhood or even in a particular block. So if you already have accommodation or home and are just searching for the right roommate, then download the free Padmapper app for Android or iOS and establish a list under the “Post” tab.

Tip # 3- Make preparations for an interview with the roommate

If you’ve narrow down your options for living arrangements, find time to meet with your next roommate. Kindly set up a video call, plan several questions, and be ready to respond to most of them! Overall, you can conduct interviews to find the best living arrangement that favors both. Tour next roommate undoubtedly has questions of his own to feel that you’re a good match for him or her or not.

Tip # 4- Consider signing a roommate contract

Writing and signing a roommate contract is very important once you have the right roommate. This contract helps you solve future problems by creating several home basic rules and specific action plans. Here are several key points of the safe roommate contract that you can write for your newly chosen roommate.

  • The rental cost
  • Situations of early exit
  • Expenses like how much does each roommate plan to spend per month, and who is responsible for paying the expenses?
  • Pets
  • Cleaning and assigning duties
  • Set out private time to be quiet throughout those hours.
  • Sharing of food like how to manage groceries or which parts of the kitchen are shared and private?
  • Visitors and the important other people


Covid times are the toughest and the challenging times that the world is facing nowadays. Due to the Corona situation, finding the right roommate is quite hard. Using these tips mentioned above, you can find a near-perfect roommate in those situations. A good roommate is a blessing. So while finding a roommate, do not hurry, take time, and have patience.

However,  if you fail to find such a perfect option, try mortgaging a small apartment. If you get expert advice and opinion, mortgaging a small apartment and studio will not be tough on your pocket. Additionally, you will have a roof of your own. So think about this! If you are confused and need guidance, contact Aceland Mortgage for expert guidance.

Lastly, stay safe and stay healthy.

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