Tips to Increase Home Appraisal Value
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February 7, 2021


When you are interested in selling or refinancing a home, it undoubtedly will be appraised to control its current market value. The appraiser will look at many factors. These factors include square feet, materials, facilities, and conditions. These variables are often measured against comparable properties that are sell in the area very recently. A small effort to improve the home valuation for the appraisal until an appraiser arrives at the house will go far. Trust me; after that, it is also tough to affect or change the home’s worth. The valuation process is supposed to be fair, but the appraisers are human. Clean, clutter-free rooms give a strong message of a well-maintained, right home and solid curb appeal. You will do all these things without wasting too much time and costs. In this article, I am providing you some great tips to increase the home appraisal value.

Tips to Increase Home Appraisal Value

Some of the important tips to increase the home appraisal value are as follows. These tips will strengthen the home value and help you in many other areas in the real estate field. So without wasting any further time, check out the list of great tips.

Sprucing of the home

Be always sure that the home that you are selling looks best whenever the appraiser comes. You will take all the essential information from professional home experts who organize properties to display to buyers. Do some paint, minor improvements, and de-clutter the home with some touchups if necessary. Anyway, once you put your home on the market, you will need to do these things. This looks like you may as well get started. You never want your dirty dishes or dusty workspace to remember forever in the appraiser’s photo files, even though you’re refinancing.

Making the yard tidy and clean

It is very much possible that the appraiser take notes first before knocking on the door. Investing in extensive landscape design is generally a waste of money until your yard is a complete disaster. But if you do some minor clean-up sessions on a weekend or maybe two, then it is worth it. Remove all the dead trees, twigs, or bushes that lessen your home appearance. Experts advise clients to simplify fixes like repairing or sealing the walkways, driveways, and putting numbers on mailboxes.

Pointing out some significant Improvements

If you have newly repaired the roof or built the new patio, notify the appraiser about it. Do not make major changes to increase the appraisal or resale value of your house. Some such projects never recover 100% of their cost. In some cases, a major kitchen renovation costs too much, which is higher than the returns.

How to Work with the Appraiser

Always offer to respond to questions that the appraiser may ask for. But resist the risk to pursue appraiser from room to room. If similar homes are present in a recently sold area, don’t hesitate to put them in the appraiser’s attention. Sometimes the appraiser will not be very much familiar with the area as you are. So, in that case, you will miss a comparable property that will work to your advantage.

To interact with them, look for credentials provided depending on the education and expertise of an appraiser. If the appraisal is much worse than you planned, you will decide about the reason. This all may be due to your unreasonable expectations, inexperience, or negligence of the appraiser.

Knowing of  the Rights

When you appoint an appraiser to assess the worth of your home, the appraisal is yours. If you are refinancing the home mortgage, the lender usually appoints the appraiser. The lender is responsible for giving you a copy of the appraisal and other home value estimates for a great price. Thoroughly review the list of the written appraisal for mistakes. Do check whether the comparable property that the appraiser chose is as same as your home. If needed, you will request the appraisal with your lender to order a second appraisal.


I hope you get some useful tips to increase the home appraisal value. You are in the final phase of your home sale experience by the time you prepare for the appraiser’s inspection. A top local real estate agent familiar with your business will help you concentrate on increasing home value. Without any second doubt, you will have a positive impact. It often very quickly improves the home price for appraisal and with relatively limited time or cost. You will be happy if you have put the time as the appraisal comes in or above the appraised value.

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