Tips to keep bugs out of apartment
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April 27, 2021


It is quite a different game for keeping bugs out of an apartment than keeping them out of a home. If you live in an apartment complex, then this is part of a larger unit; bugs can easily enter your room from the communal areas. It doesn’t take long for bugs to find their way into your rooms if your neighbors have bad habits that attract them. The apartment’s location, such as being in the woods or next to the outdoor dumpsters, can also influence the number of bugs in the living space.  Also, apartment complexes usually have multiple exits, which increases the chances of insects getting into the home. Well, how do you keep those nasty creatures out of your home?  In this article, I have compiled a list of top tips to keep bugs out of the apartment.

Tips to Keep Bugs out of the home

Some of the very important tips to keep bugs out of your apartment or condo are as follows.

Tip # 1- Cleaning the Kitchen

Nothing else can attract bugs more than free human food, especially sugary stuff. Bug infestations are often caused by the presence of food for bugs to eat. It is very important to keep the home appliances clean, such as the refrigerator, microwave, sink, and stove, to keep bugs at bay. Do not put the dirty dishes in the washing sink or on counters, especially at night. Even a tiny object left on the kitchen counter, such as the spoon that you use to stir the morning coffee or tea, can trigger bugs and all his close friends. All types of fruits and vegetables attract fruit flies, so keeping them in the refrigerator is a great idea, particularly during the summer season.

Tip # 2- Cleaning of all the mess

If the home is fairly clean, then messy rooms and areas provide ideal hiding spots for bugs—more the clutter you have in the house, the more likely to hide in those small spaces. Bugs love to hide in stacks of laundry on the concrete, cluttered countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, and piles of toys in children’s rooms. Bees can avoid the house if it is clean and clutter-free.

Tip # 3- Selection of Home Plants

Numerous people love having live plants in their homes because they add life to space. Plants of all kinds draw bugs, but some are very much better than others. Do some homework before selecting plants for the home to ensure that the varieties you choose are not insect magnets. Avoid every type of shrubbery, especially because it attracts a lot of bugs. To become extra sure that insects don’t come into the home due to the plants, you can use garden pest control chemicals. This tip is the most useful one to keep bugs out of the apartment.

Tip # 4- Keeping the stuff dry

Majorly all the bugs tolerate all the cold and rainy environments. If you leave standing water everywhere, bugs can rush to it, like the bathtub, sink, bathroom, and under cupboards. Most insects can live easily for weeks without feeding, but they need water to stay alive. Make sure to clean out any excess water from sinks and toilets, and examine drains under the sinks for leakage. This can help to keep the bugs away from the apartment. Clogged drains and water leaks in darker areas are considered an appropriate place for bugs to grow and reproduce.

Tip # 5- Peppermint oil

If you have experience and try everything and still have insects in the apartment, use peppermint oil. This oil can be able to help you in this matter. In a spray bottle, combine 12-15 drops of essential peppermint oil with around a cup of water. Spray wherever bugs are seen. Concentrate your efforts in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, as well as around baseboards, inside cabinets, and windowsills. Cotton balls can also be soaked in oil and put in areas that are heavily infested. The smell of peppermint repels insects, so they can frequently avoid it.

Tip # 6- Insecticides

If everything else fails, you’ll have the only choice to buy insecticides.  The spraying of the insecticide in the same places where you can apply peppermint oil prevents any small pests from invading the apartment. This is a sure-fire way to keep them out. Insecticides create a fence that prevents them from penetrating, and they destroy all the bugs that dare to reach it. Few insecticides are better than others, so whether you have pets or children, choose a pesticide that is suitable for them. You can also test the powder on an out-of-sight section of a baseboard or cupboard to ensure that it can’t stain or discolor the wood or other surfaces in the home.

Tip # 7- Taking out the trash daily

Bugs are almost very much fond of the litter as they are of fresh produce. Bugs try to get at the products if you let the garbage cans leak. Any garbage that falls on the cupboard floor where you store your trash can become a pest trap if it isn’t washed properly. And if you empty your garbage cans daily, then they get sticky and filthy. Clean out the trash cans every few weeks to get rid of any trash that has accumulated and keep pests at bay.

Tip # 8- Cleaning exterior of the home

If you live in an apartment, you mostly have some outdoor space that is all yours. Always be sure that there are not any leaf or mulch piles present by the windows or doors. The Bugs mostly live in brush piles, and if those piles are near the home’s doors, those pesky pests can make their way indoors. Evaluate the exterior of the windowsills to make sure that there isn’t any clutter in which bugs can hide. Bugs can be hindered from entering by a swift wipe down or clearing away any cluttered outside area.


Keeping your apartment and home safe from bugs is very important. Bug problems can be controlled with mitigation. However, it is very important that you try and make sure that your apartment can stay safe from bugs by following the tips we shared. If you are looking for a home that is bugs-free, make sure you check this on your visit to the property. That being said, if you are looking for a mortgage to buy another property, contact Aceland mortgage today and get the best deals through the experts in town.

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