Top Reasons: why isn’t my house selling
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March 2, 2021


why isnt my house selling

Selling your home will be a linear, predictable process in a perfect world. You market your home, plan a series of shows and receive the perfect ideal offer. But it doesn’t always work like it. Many people wonder why they do not sell their home and what they can do with it, as everyone who has already sold a house knows. If your house does not sell, you can’t force anything. A home sale will most likely require an appropriate buyer at the right time in many scenarios. The good news is that you can point out why your deal is not progressing in the way you want. In case you might be asking yourself why my house selling isn’t? Then here we share the main reasons why this is happening.

High Price

The higher the price of your house, the lower the pool of available buyers. Homes priced way above comps in their areas pass over without any distinct added value. Buying a house is a significant investment, and investors want to make sure they get the best offer. An overpriced home is not a very good deal. This home also does not have much chance of a sale.

Sellers are heavily dependent on their agents to direct their home prices. But real estate agent who says the price listing is too high seems not to focus on their buyers’ preferences. Wondering if it’s too high for your home? Some tell-tale signs are available, which are as follows.

  • Your house is above those listed comps
  • Other area homes are sold, but not yours
  • You do not receive a lot of show requests
  • There is not much traffic on the listing pages

If you feel your home is too expensive, get another realtor’s second expert advice.  It may be the appropriate time for a price reduction.

Insufficient or Outdated home listings

 Insufficient listing

Having insufficient listing means you may not have provided enough detail on the property, or your listing does not include pictures. Or that may indicate the photos and the details are present, but they don’t do their job because they are dim, blurry photographs or wordy explanations that leave out the things that matter, such as the location or main features of the building. If you are not focused, it indicates that you have not invested your interest in the house. And for buyers, it can be a major turn-off.

Outdated listing

On the other hand, an outdated listing indicates something else: the house is already on the market for a very long time. Just think, why isn’t my house selling when the home selling list is full of snow pictures in the yard in early June, customers will know everything. They understand why the house does not sell, and they will ask why. Although it is not but try not to use your listing photos, details can date them. When the season changes, take fresh images if you cannot avoid them.

Location of home versus market

The methods used for selling your home by your realtor are extremely important. The buyers in today’s times want technology and a person who provides dedicated coordination and services.

For sellers, the technology tools that provide high-quality leads are as follows.

  • Social media- The most powerful tool
  • MLS- Multiple listing service
  • The brokerage websites or pages
  • Listing aggregator sites.

I expect that 76 percent of all buyers use mobile devices to find their homes. It is safe to suggest that it is not only preferred to depend on technology marketing, but it is also important. It is your duty as a seller to promote your listing and ensure that you investigate all market avenues. This is done especially for those who are most likely to attract buyers. It is also a great move to involve yourself in the marketing process. Continue sharing with the social network and social real estate groups. The more judgments you receive on the listing to use, the better you can have the ability to speed up the home selling process.


Try to find out your why? I am sure by now you have identified and answered your concern: why isn’t my house selling? The more you stay on the market for your home, the fewer steps you may take. But if you find and work with the problems that prevent an offer from being made, you can accelerate the process. And in this way, you also get your home sold at last. Last but not least, having the right person who can market your home properly matters. So if you are looking for expert help, contact Aceland Mortgage now.


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