Types of Property Frauds
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May 15, 2021


Everybody is now rushing to make a real estate investment. You find a seller and then change the title deed to your name after making deposits and become the landowner. Unfortunately, this is a popular misconception that can destroy your dream of owning a home. When it comes to finding the right deal, one of the most important factors to consider is fraud. Buyers who want to conduct their deals with specialists and try to save money are often targeted. The expert will act as a bridge between you and the seller. They can be the target of the different types of property frauds that you are not aware of.

Property Frauds

Some of the common types of property frauds you need to avoid while dealing with real estate properties are as follows.

Unreliable Agents

This is one of the most popular property scams that everyone needs to avoid. When you contact unknown property brokers to purchase a property, you become susceptible to property scams. You have to ensure that the person you’re going to trust with your money is a member of a reputable real estate firm in the state or not. You can go to the office to verify their presence and look at their website if they appear to have one. Many online property portals are the most reliable source for avoiding property fraud, and connecting with real estate agents you can easily track and trust.

False Listings

In the USA, several websites claim to be real estate portals. Most of them lack a suitable authentication mechanism to prevent people from listing fake properties. And if you’re using an online site, make sure the price of the property you’re buying isn’t significantly higher or lower than comparable properties. Additionally, look for properties with a blue check-mark in the top right corner since this verifies the listed property’s physical presence. The issue of fake listings isn’t changing anytime soon, and you have to be aware and alert because it’s one of the most prominent types of property fraud to avoid.

Foreclosure Fraud

Criminals may target a property owner with complaints about his or her interest payments in this situation. To shift the property’s title to the landlord, they can offer a lower annual payment rate and loans. Sadly, these frauds connect you behind the property owner’s back, offering a potentially attractive property buying price. The title will be in their hands, and the land will get advertised as a foreclosed property.

Fraudulent Property Buyer

Pay attention! A potential customer for the property may turn out to be a fraud.  Before entering into some deal, try to meet the person whom you’re working with and get as much information as possible about him. Of course, I mean official information when I say “information.” Do ask them for the id proof before discussing any financial or property-related issues. Before the deal is officially done, don’t hand over any government papers or documentation stating land possession or ownership.

Fake Documentation

One of the most famous property frauds to avoid is the trend of false documents. Have you received the initial property papers from the other party? It is one of the most critical problems that someone has to engage in a real estate transaction. So it is very important to check papers by using appropriate methods carefully. Get advice from a professional real estate agent or contact a legal institution to learn more about the legalities of the deal. Always aim to go through all the legal authentication processes before signing or accepting a document that feels strange to you.

Buying or Renting an Unseen Property

That is something you can never do. This is yet another common mistake made by most property buyers and renters. Many people risk the money by purchasing or renting an unseen property to escape the hassle of moving and checking the property personally. Kindly do not use digital tools such as GPS, maps, surveys, and images available on a website to make a property purchase. Do go to the person’s home that you choose to buy or rent from, check the property carefully, and then take the final decision.

Falsely Communicated Market Value

If you want to know the market value of a property you like to buy, don’t depend directly and entirely on real estate agents. To mislead the buyer, these people usually multiply the actual price by 2 or 3. Then what do you do in such a situation? Do you have any other options?  On online websites, you can look for listings of properties close to the ones you’re looking for and check the rates. This will provide you with an estimate of the expected price level for a certain property category that you choose to purchase or rent. You can also use the property price index to learn about fluctuating property demand and prices worldwide.

Title Fraud

In this type of property fraud, the person can usually take someone’s title and sell a real estate property or obtain a loan against it. In this case, the scammer acts as a landowner who has the authority to sell you the real estate property. After conducting an online property search, you can easily identify which document is fake. Scammers are very clever. They use several government departments in their strategies. As a result, a simple online search can be insufficient to distinguish between fake and real property titles.


If you’re looking to purchase a real estate property contact Aceland Mortgage for expert opinion and guidance. However, it’s a smart idea to make a list of all of these considerations. Scammers deceive you, but keep in mind that these types of property frauds can be prevented by taking simple precautions. However, if you’re defrauded or suspect someone will scam you, you can still contact law enforcement agencies.

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