Under Contract on a Home… Now What!?
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February 20, 2014


real estate contract Congratulations! You’ve searched and found a suitable home for  your family, submitted an offer and have gone under contract on a home. There’s all kinds of excitement and anticipation leading up to closing day and here are a few tips on how to navigate between now and then.

Keep realistic expectations

While it is very exciting to go under sales contract on a home, you want to keep a level head throughout the home purchase process. Stay logical over emotional to ensure that you don’t make any financial mistakes. Before your closing date there is still a lot of business that needs to be taken care of. Expect to go through the home inspection process, getting the home appraised and meeting all of the terms of your pre-approval.

Gather up your documentation

Between going under contract and signing at the closing table, you will be in frequent correspondence with your loan officer. Take the time have their information readily on hand and begin gathering the required documentation for your loan application. When your lender contacts you be sure to resound to their requests in a timely manner.  The quicker you meet the conditions of your loan approval, the higher the likelihood you’ll make it to closing on time.

Don’t put anything on credit

Now that you’ve gone under contract you likely have many ideas of an area rug to purchase for your dining room, or the perfect furniture set for your master bedroom. While it is tempting to go out and buy many new items to bring into your house resist the urge to shop. Putting new expenses on credit can change your debt to income ratio and result in losing your loan approval.

Following the advice above can help to assure that you will make it to the closing table. Keeping a level head during such an exciting time can be trying, but the ultimate result is having the keys in your hand to your brand new home.

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