Ways to Fall in Love with your Home again
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March 1, 2021


Ways to Fall in Love I clearly remember the day when I first moved into my new home. Ahh, what a feeling! I instantly fell in love with the home. I fell in love with my new home because it was in my budget, aims and suited my personality very well. But one thing about love which is quite funny is that it changes with time. The same happened to me. After a while, the love and the feelings of excitement for the home start to fade away slowly. No wonder you had the same feelings once in your life. But I tried some unique ways to bring the energy back into my house. By doing so, the same feelings of love came back for me. In this article, I share some of those ways to make you fall in love with your home again.

Exciting ways to make you fall in love with the home

You don’t need to panic at all. I am sharing my tried and tested ways that brought the energy back into my house. So Let’s begin with the simplest ones first.

1-Good fragrance

No wonder a fragrance for home is not something we think of immediately that brings life back in our homes. Particularly because many simply buy random air fresheners or scented candles.  Some of us go for the cheapest or most cost-effective option.

Get your home a good scent that becomes the signature fragrance of your home. The scent makes a great difference in how an individual feels in the home. The choice of which fragrance you want solely depends on your preference of smell.

If you want to go for high-end air fresheners, Febreze is an excellent option to choose from.

However, if you are looking for a cheaper but handy option, Glade’s air fresheners have been my go-to products on a regular day.

I opt for scented candles compared to the regular days, for special events, and those amazing candlelight dinner feelings. I came across these amazing odor elimination fragranced candles, bringing those fresh vibes to the environment and eliminating any irritating smell in the house. Isn’t that a win-win situation?

As a rule, I also keep different liquid handwash that is not heavy on the pocket. I have kept one, especially in my kitchen, so I don’t take those vegetable odors and me to the dining room.


A good quote states, “Life is the flower for which love is the honey”. When you see some home visits in magazines or architect images, you see colorful flowers in them. Flowers make every room more vibrant and colorful. They give a unique satisfaction “every once in a while”. They can make you fall in love with space. However, make sure that your guests are not allergic to any flowers if they are visiting you.

3- Plants

Plants are my favorite. Do you guys love plants? The house plants still last forever, like roses, for all time. They last as long as you want to keep them alive. Above all, many indoor plants increase oxygen in the air. So they not only bring color to the room but also give you healthy breath. Besides, indoor plants are easy to manage too. So you don’t need to worry about how to care for your plants. You can opt for any indoor plant that pleases your eyes. Peace Lily, Areca Palm, or get a Majesty Palm for your room and see how bright the room looks.

4- Declutter

Modern life requires a lot of things, and many of them impact your home. Usually, big things make you down in your homes. They may include bad plans and yucky wall paints. But these big things can make you forget about how little things like large quantities of clutter can fill up your place. You may be shocked by how much happier you feel in your home. This happens if you spend a couple of hours clearing items, making donations, and even installing a junk drawer.

5- Natural Light

We all are familiar with the fact that natural light is a great thing. Good light can help to lift our bad mood. It can also present the home in a very different manner. We always use blinds and curtains to cut off the light that is coming into our home. But this is also a drawback because we are not familiar with the benefits of good sunlight. Kindly take the blinds and curtains off and let the natural light come in. The rooms receive little natural light through windows which is very much enough.

You can also buy lighting that mimics natural sunlight. You can get Puck lights that come with a remote and brighten your rooms with a soothing light.

Now: If you allow sunlight into your home, you’ll be surprised to see the difference. Light can change your view of a space. You see, no one likes dark rooms and any darkness. The darkness kills your mood in no time. Do not even forget about the temperature of your home.

6- An art piece

There is nothing that lights up a room or space like art. If you want to fall in love with the home, then just try this one. Even one or two of your dream pieces can make your house less dull. Try moving one or two items to different places where you have art on the walls already. It may be a great pick to make a little adjustment and let you “see” things that you less noticed.


A faux leaf fig tree is one of my favorite decoration pieces in my new modern home space. It looks new and sends lots of positive energy into space! Whenever I see it, I fall in love with it every time. There are more than enough great options around nowadays, do not be afraid to adopt any of them.  However, if you are still looking for a home that will make you fall in love with it, then contact Aceland Mortgage for amazing deals. I hope these tips can encourage and inspire you to give your home a new life and energy! So just choose your option and live in your house for eternity.c

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